Her Ex Called Her A “Moron,” So This Woman Got The Best Revenge Ever

Photo: Ted S Warren/AP/Shutterstock.
There's never a right time to insult and name-call an ex. But perhaps one of the worst possible times to start a fight with a former fling might be while illegally and violently storming the U.S. Capitol in a last-ditch effort to forcefully overturn the 2020 presidential election results (just saying). In that case, it probably doesn't help to insult someone while also sending video updates of your illegal activities.
But that didn't stop Richard Michetti of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania from calling his ex a "moron" via text while storming the Capitol with a violent, Trump-supporting mob, The Washington Post reports.
According to the Post, Michetti reportedly took a quick break from rioting to text his ex-girlfriend. "If you can't see the election was stolen you're a moron," the text read, per court documents.
Michetti's poor timing — and lazy insults — also resulted in his arrest. His ex, who is actually not a moron, went ahead and turned over the text messages along with photographic and video evidence to the FBI the following day.
Other texts between the former couple detail Machetti's activity during the Capitol attack. "It's going down here," Michetti texted around 2:06 p.m. local time. "We stormed the building they held us back with spray and tear gas and paintballs," he said, adding that his eyes were burning as a result. But he said he felt fairly certain his efforts would successfully "stop the vote it's fraud this is our country."
Over the course of two hours, Michetti updated his ex on his activities and sent her two videos from inside the Capitol. Around 4:30 p.m., after former president Donald Trump told his supporters to "go home," is when Michetti called his ex a "moron." Little did he know at the time, his "moron" ex would be the one to take him down.
The following day, the woman took all her evidence of her then-boyfriend committing a government crime and bragging about it to the FBI. According to a statement of facts, the unnamed woman told the FBI that Michetti told her on January 5, the day before the riot, that he was taking a train to D.C. because he believed the election was stolen. There is still no evidence of this nearly four months later, despite Trump's relentless claims otherwise. 
Michetti's ex then spoke to FBI special agents on January 11 when she was able to identify him in other videos and photos that people had tipped off to law enforcement. He was also caught on Capitol security footage. Michetti has since been charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and obstruction of Congress and faces up to 20 years in prison. He was released this week on unsecured bail with electronic monitoring as he awaits an upcoming court appearance on Monday, Morning Call reports. 
Looks like ex-girlfriends of MAGA bros are actually some of the greatest organizers of the resistance. Who would have thought?

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