New Court Documents Detail Ghislaine Maxwell’s “Outbursts” & “Laundry Basket Of Sex Toys”

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For the first time, Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition from 2016 has been released to the public — and it details some rather alarming accounts of what happened between her and Jeffrey Epstein. In the 465-page document, Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged co-conspirator, denied allegations that she recruited, groomed, and sexually assaulted dozens of girls as young as 12 years old. She also evaded repeated questions about Epstein’s sexual abuse.
The deposition is from a since-settled defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused Maxwell of abusing, “training,” and trafficking her as a teenager. Maxwell’s attorneys have tried to keep the deposition under wraps while Giuffre’s lawyers, David Boies and Sigrid McCrawley, called for its release. “As the evidence comes out, it will be clear why Ms. Maxwell and others who enabled Jeffrey Epstein are fighting so hard to keep it concealed,” Boies and McCrawley wrote in a statement.
Two criminal complaints have been filed against Maxwell for lying in the deposition, and many names have been redacted to protect the privacy of men allegedly linked to Epstein. But what the deposition also reveals is a very bizarre course of events and practices that Maxwell engaged in.
In the document, Maxwell was also asked whether she provided Giuffre and other girls with uniforms, including “school girl outfits,” that they were meant to wear during “massages.” She was also asked about a laundry basket full of sex toys that, allegedly, she kept at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. “You have to define what you are talking about,” Maxwell said, after asking McCrawley to repeat the question numerous times. Eventually, the lawyer asked if Maxwell kept any electronic items that could be used for sex, and she said, “I have no idea what you are referring to.”
Maxwell was also asked about Giuffre’s claim that she attended a dinner party with Giuffre, Epstein, and Bill Clinton. “Virginia is absolutely, totally lying. This is a subject of defamation about Virginia and the lies she has told, and one of the lies she told was that President Clinton was on the island where I was present,” Maxwell said, according to the document. When pressed about whether she’d flown on Epstein’s planes with Clinton, she vaguely said, “I have flown.” When asked whether Epstein and Clinton were friends, she said, “I wouldn’t be able to characterize it like that.”
According to a paper released with the deposition, at one point, Maxwell erupted into a “physical outburst” and knocked the court reporter’s computer off of a table.
Although Maxwell mostly denied and avoided all questions and claims, she said that her job was to hire Epstein’s employees, including his pool attendants and housekeepers. McCrawley asked multiple times if Maxwell hired Giuffre as a masseuse. “She was a masseuse and in the form and as my job, I was to have people who he wanted for various things, including massage,” she said. “I did not invite Virginia Roberts. She came as a masseuse.”
Since Epstein died by suicide in August 2019, authorities have focused on investigating his close friends, especially the circle of women who allegedly helped target, recruit, and groom underage girls into Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Many of Epstein’s victims specifically named Maxwell as one of the network’s most prominent figures and abusers. 
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