Fenty’s Latest Drop Has ‘00s Going-Out Tops, Belly Chains & Anklets

Photo: Courtesy of Fenty.
At the beginning of June, Rihanna launched the first of three Fenty drops for the LVMH-backed luxury brand’s 6-20 collection. The series, according to a press release, was designed to celebrate the “free spirit and curious nature of youth,” with each drop symbolizing a different aspect of today’s culture. Drop one focused on the younger generation’s ability to speak out on social issues, manifested through pieces like a shirt with the word “Immigrant” printed across the front; the collection’s second drop combined sartorial trends from ‘90s rave culture with logomania of the ‘00s. On Thursday, the artist-turned-fashion-designer revealed the final piece of the puzzle.
Photo Courtesy of Fenty.
Photo Courtesy of Fenty.
For the final drop, Rihanna focused on the sense of freedom and hope in young people. The result is an array of ‘60s-esque psychedelic and playful pieces, including a trippy co-ord designed using Japanese tie-dye techniques, a flouncy asymmetric dress à la Paris Hilton circa 2004, an ultra-sexy backless going-out top, and a pinstripe shirt-and-pencil skirt ensemble produced in an acid flower print. A selection of ‘90s-era jewelry, from belly chains to anklets, round out the collection — one that reminds us of the days when summer’s arrival meant late nights spent dancing rather than staying home. 
But this collection isn’t about escaping the realities of today, or, for that matter, attempting to return to the past. Instead, 6-20 brings attention to the resilience of younger generations, with a focus on their ability to find hope even in the most difficult of times. With Drop III’s arrival, Fenty’s summer collection, which embodies “the free, fun spirit, and limitless possibilities of youth,” is at last complete. 
Shop all three 6-20 drops now on Fenty.com.

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