Kanye West Announces A Jesus Is King IMAX Documentary

Photo: Timothy Norris/Getty Images/Coachella.
Kanye West announced the release date of his new documentary, Jesus Is King, which will accompany the release of his new album by the same name. The IMAX-exclusive documentary chronicles West’s Sunday Service performance series as he brings it to artist James Turrell’s never-before-seen art installation, the Roden Crater, in Arizona’s Painted Desert.
West first began his Sunday Service series at the start of 2019, but for many, their first chance to see the exclusive performance series was at Coachella. Now, viewers will get to go behind the scenes as West orchestrates one of the most memorable weeks of Sunday Service alongside a rotating cast of collaborators.
The documentary, which was filmed over the summer of 2019, is meant to complement his forthcoming album. In August, a teasing tweet from his wife, Kim Kardashian West, included September 27 as the release date for Jesus Is King the album along with a photo of a tracklist. This was pushed back to September 29, adding a new track titled “New Body.” The album was previewed for audiences at two free concerts in Detroit this week; however, it has yet to be released and there has been no announcement of an updated release if it does not come out as expected.
West has performed Sunday Service all over the country. It’s held every week, though the majority of the performances are private, invite-only events. Some recent gatherings in Chicago, Wyoming, and Dayton, OH, however, have been open for the public to attend, reports Fader. At Sunday Service, the team of musicians and accompanying choir perform gospel-inspired remixes of popular songs. In the documentary, they are performing West’s new album.
Jesus Is King premieres exclusively in IMAX theaters on October 25.

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