Mac Miller Reportedly Left Behind Millions In Assets

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Mac Miller left behind millions in assets, according to a report from TMZ
In 2018, Miller died at age 26 in his Studio City, CA home. Miller’s cause of death was listed as mixed drug toxicity. The Los Angeles coroner’s office found Miller had alcohol, cocaine, and fentanyl in his system at the time of his death. 
Per documents filed by Miller’s estate and obtained by TMZ, some of Miller’s highest value assets include his music masters and items from his collection of jewelry. 
The masters of Miller's audio recordings are reportedly worth $5 million, and his royalties are valued at $1.5 million. He also reportedly has $180,000 of funds in Mac Miller LLC. 
A previously-owned Rolex watch owned by Miller is worth over $20,000, according to the documents. Diamond stud earrings are valued at over $9,000. A Cuban link necklace clocks in at $14,000 while an 18-karat gold necklace is valued at $12,000. 
These items, coupled with Miller’s furniture, electronics, and 2009 BMW, put Miller’s assets at over $7 million. 

The news of Miller’s estate comes following the arrest of Hollywood-based man Cameron Pettit. He is accused of supplying Miller with fentanyl-laced drugs. Petit is reportedly one of three people to provide Miller with drugs shortly before his death.
Following Pettit's arrest, Marc McCormick, Miller's father, addressed the situation at Miller's anniversary tribute in Pittsburgh earlier this week.
"Many of us who were young, including me, experimented with drugs,” he said. “But it’s a different fucking world out there. And all it takes is a little tiny stone of fentanyl and cocaine and you’re dead. Drugs are being laced with fentanyl — all kinds of drugs. And the one thing I would say to you is, ‘Don’t take the risk. It’s just not worth it.'”
Refinery29 reached out to a representative for Miller for comment.

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