The First Full-Length Trailer For Aladdin Is Honestly Overwhelming

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
It's a whole new world — and that world is CGI. On Tuesday, the first full-length trailer for Disney's live-action adaptation of the beloved Aladdin film dropped, giving us our first detailed glimpse at how the animated classic is being remade for 2019. For lovers of the original, you'll get the nostalgia you've been craving in the beat-by-beat remakes of certain scenes (like Aladdin prancing around the city streets causing havoc) while Will Smith's Genie is just enough of a twist to keep things fresh.
The most notable update, however? The CGI. The irony of a live-action adaptation that uses so many special effects that the trailer alone makes me dizzy is extremely apparent. Palaces, tigers, genies, caves, carpets, sprawling desert all has so much CGI that I'm starting to wonder if even Aladdin's hat is real.
I'm not asking for Disney to have instead brought a real genie to set (they're notoriously hard to work with on camera, don't you know) but rather just hoping that the substance of the film will match up with the clearly generous special effects budget. Luckily, there's no reason to be skeptical, especially since our first listen to the film's take on "A Whole New World" is just as charming and triumphant as the original.
Watch that, and the rest of the trailer, below.

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