We Spend WAY Too Much Money On Weddings & Funerals, According To Reddit

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
It's not exactly a secret that weddings are a racket, but according to a very lively Reddit thread, funerals rank right up there with nuptials.

When one redditor posed the question, "What do you consider a waste of money that a lot of society doesn't?" a flurry of discussion followed — a lot of it surrounding those two major events.

The consensus: Lavish weddings are ridiculous and unnecessary, and when you're dead, you're dead, so what does it matter what happens to your body? Some of the best responses, below.
Redditors On Weddings:

"Weddings. I know it's common on Reddit to brag about how you had your reception at Pizza Hut or whatever but most of society is willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars (whether they have it or not) because it's 'their' day." — @halfadash6

"The concept of a diamond being something men should spend a fortune on for their loved ones comes straight from the people selling them." — @hamsternose

"For the price some people pay, you could put a pretty sizable down payment on a house." — @TV_Boy

Redditors On Funerals:

"Funerals. Sooo much money made on other people's grief. Have a nice memorial service at a friend's house but just throw me in the river." — @ItTakesPractice

"When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash." — @squwann

"I'm hoping that by the time I die, astronaut funerals are socially and financially acceptable. Just launch me in the general direction of the Sun." — @_pelvic_sorcery_

"I wanna have all my friends take my body to the local bounce house and see who can make me do the most flips when they jump. Think Weekend at Bernie's-style funeral." — @tFalk

"I wanna be buried in one of those pods that turns into a tree." — @RikerOmega3

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