29 Gym Bags That Are As Stylish As You Are

Photo: Courtesy of Sweaty Betty.
We count on our gym bags to do a lot for us. We'd like them to be lightweight, but we also expect them to hold all of our gear. We love it when they're water-resistant and weather-proof, but it's probably important that they look nice, too. Once we determine which features are our priority, then comes the matter of wading through the countless options on the market.
Any gym-goers who understand these woes can rest easy now. We've gone ahead and done the hard work for you. (Shopping-wise, that is; you'll still have to do the workout yourself.)
Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite gym bags that are available right now, from totally functional, mesh drawstring sacks to leather-look duffels. No matter your style or your preferred workout, there's something here for you. You may even look forward to your run more if you can toss your leggings into one of these beauties afterwards.
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This backpack's water-resistant base makes it perfect for your next outdoor excursion.
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Commuting to the gym? This bag's anti-theft features (from anti-slash fabric to scan-proof pockets) will give you peace of mind while on the train or bus.
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This tote's extra-long strap was designed specifically to make room for your yoga mat, but it's also a great hack for anyone who usually finds bag straps too short.
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This sturdy bag keeps up with you, thanks to its convertible shape, luxurious hardware, and hidden vents.
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The top of this backpack collapses into a chic fanny pack, which, yes, still deserves a place in your closet.
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The main compartment of this backpack springs open, for when you need your stuff at a moment's notice.
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This lightweight bag converts from a crossbody to a tote to a backpack and has external straps for your yoga mat — that's what we call versatile.
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This compact bag is perfect for when all you need is your keys, wallet, and a change of clothes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sweaty Betty.
This spacious, scuba-style tote bag avoids becoming a black hole thanks to its handy internal storage pockets.
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This bag has a place for your valuables, sweaty clothes, and even your yoga mat, but it's the fact that it comes with an extra "emergency" hair tie that makes it a must-have.
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Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
Whether you're hitting the beach or logging a few laps at the pool, this wet-dry bag has you (and all your soggy items) covered.
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Have this bag on hand for your next retreat. It has an internal pocket for just about every need and expands to accommodate that extra pair of sneaks you had to pack.
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This convertible bag is a tote, backpack, and crossbody all in one — and, thanks to anti-theft features like a sliding lock and anti-slash mesh bottom, it's the perfect travel bag.
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This bag has pockets on pockets on pockets, making it perfect for the gym rat who likes to stay organized.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bandier
This duffle isn't just lightweight and reflective at night — it's packable to boot. Simply fold it up into its internal pocket and throw it in your carry-on.
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Photo: Courtesy of Carbon38.
This simple bag isn't as basic as it seems. Its smaller shape lends itself to quick trips to the gym, while its expandable side panels accommodate all of your shower supplies.
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Photo: Courtesy of lululemon.
This twist on lululemon's classic All Day Duffle is completely reflective (out of the light, it appears completely black). It also comes with a heat-resistant pocket for your hairdryer, your curling iron, or your post-gym hairstyling tool of choice.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rule#5.
Winter's right around the corner, and with it will come snow, sleet, slush, and other bag-ruining forms of precipitation. Keep your shoes, electronics, and any other gear safe and dry in this water-proof pack.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods.
With its reinforced straps and abrasion-resistant base, this shoulder bag is beyond sturdy. Take it with you on your next hike or outdoor run.
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Photo: Courtesy of Under Armour.
This spacious option can hold your yoga mat, your clothes and shoes, your valuables and makeup, and even your flat iron, for the days when going home in between the gym and the rest of your life isn't an option.
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Photo: Courtesy of Under Armour.
This bag is big enough to hold all your gear for the gym, but it still wears easily across the body, thanks to an adjustable strap.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sweaty Betty.
This bag's scuba-style fabric gives it an overall lightweight feel, while the internal storage section for wet clothes keeps your phone and earbuds dry. Plus, it's stylish. Plus, it's a backpack, so it's easier to carry on your commute.
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Photo: Courtesy of Puma.
Throw everything you need for the gym and work into this tote — with a large compartment for a full outfit change, plus an internal laptop sleeve. It can handle it all.
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Photo: Courtesy of lululemon.
That photo doesn't lie — this bag's strap can accommodate a whole yoga mat, if that happens to be your fitness class of choice.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nike.
Not only does this shoulder bag have sections inside for wet clothes, its side pockets are mesh, too — in case you'd rather let your sweaty socks air-dry.
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Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
Speaking of mesh, this all-mesh bag is perfect for anyone who frequents a hot yoga studio and needs a bag with some serious ventilation.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney.
The adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap allow this backpack to fit flush against you, making it perfect for a run. Its reflective fabric comes in handy during night runs, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bandier.
This duffel comes with a weather-resistant coating and boasts more than enough storage space for your workout — its streamlined, sportswear-inspired look is just a bonus.
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Photo: Courtesy of Carbon38.
This go-anywhere tote comes with a smaller, matching travel bag for essentials.