What Is Jingle Jangle? Riverdale's Hottest New Drug Craze Has A Hilarious Origin Story

Photo: Courtesy of The CW
It looks like the kids could be getting hooked on something a little stronger than maple syrup on this season of Riverdale.
On Wednesday's episode "Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks," Archie gets introduced to a brand-new drug with an (admittedly hilarious) name. In the second episode of the sophomore season, Reggie (now portrayed by new cast member Charles Melton, who replaced Ross Butler) tells Archie that he's able to score the teen Outlander his drug of choice — which, uh, could be something called "jingle jangle."
The drug is mentioned twice in the episode, so it's worth wondering: What is "jingle jangle," and is it a real drug? According to ComicBook, the origin of the drug's name could connect to something completely innocuous.
Riverdale, which is based on the characters from Archie Comics, loves nodding to its source material whenever possible, which is particularly delightful considering the CW drama is way, waaaaay darker than anything written in the original comic series. (Well, save for Afterlife With Archie, a series within the universe in which Jughead becomes a zombie and kills his friends.)
In this case, "jingle jangle" is a song by the fictional band, The Archies, from the Archie Comics animated series The Archie Show.
The song is no "Sugar, Sugar" — a song Josie and the Pussycats covered in season 1 — but it's pretty catchy. Watch below!
Of course, just because The Archie Show has a wholesome meaning for the term doesn't mean this new jingle jangle drug craze won't sweep over Riverdale like a plague. I mean, this is the series in which Clifford Blossom (Barclay Hope) flat-out murdered his son Jason (Trevor Stines) in order to protect his heroin business.
Stay away from that jingly stuff, kids. It's bad news.