Is This How To Kill The Night King On Game Of Thrones?

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Things are looking pretty bleak for the heroes of Game Of Thrones. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) ended season 7’s penultimate episode "Beyond The Wall" with a bad case of post-battle hypothermia. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) saw one of her dragon children die. And none of our heroes knows the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) resurrected Dany’s late dragon baby Viserion in the final seconds of the episode.
Now that the face of evil incarnate in Westeros has obtained what we can all assume is an ice zombie dragon, the living, breathing people of the Seven Kingdoms are going to need something to be believe in. And the biggest glimmer of hope out there would be a way to kill the Night King once and for all. As Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) reasoned in the middle of "Beyond," if someone can kill the army of the dead’s leader, they can eliminate the entire threat. Now, how did he realize that? By observing that killing one White Walker also killed every other wight he sired. Since the Night King created his entire army, logic would lead us to believe his death with result in every White Walker and wight's death.
Yet, certain clues hint pulling off this assassination will actually be much harder than anyone would expect. Find out if the traditional ways of killing a White Walker or wight — including fire and dragonglass — will actually work on the Night King.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Could General Fire Kill The Night King?

Usually, we would assume the answer here would be yes. But, first of all, have you ever actually seen fire harm any White Walker, let alone The White Walker To Beat All White Walkers. No, not really. The death by fire route is much more of a wight thing, as we first saw in season 1’s "The Pointy End."

It’s unlikely a simple bit of fire would actually kill someone as powerful as the Night King, which is proven in "Beyond The Wall." The episode’s director, Alan Taylor, explains to the Daily Beast, "You’ll notice when the Night King walks forward with his spear he steps into a line of fire and the first brushes away from him when he steps through it. We saw that effect earlier in the series— that he seems to repel fire."

If the Night King can step through flames and straight-up repel them, it’s unlikely regular old fire would actually be able to kill him.
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Could Dragon Fire Kill The Night King?

Okay, a simple touch to the arm probably isn’t going to kill the Night King, but dragonfire has to work, right? Wrong(ish).

Director Taylor admits a blast from Drogon or Rhaegal might not be the assured end for the Night King, saying in the Daily Beast interview, "It’s possible that dragon fire may not work on him."

However, it’s also possible Taylor is trying to remain mysterious about the topic as a way to keep up Thrones’ signature style of spoiling nothing. While the Night King can clearly repel a small flame, it’s unlikely he can block an entire humongous gust of fire blown his way. That would explain why the undead king took out Viserion before Drogon in the "Beyond The Wall" battle. At the time he lanced Viserion, the dragon was killing White Walkers and wights left and right, while Drogon was stationary, helping his mother’s human friends escape.

Viserion was a direct, fire-breathing threat to the Night King, while was Drogon wasn’t. Could the Night King actually be afraid of fire-made-flesh dragons?
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Could An Ice Dragon Kill The Night King?

As I said earlier, it’s highly likely the Night King now has an ice dragon in his possession following the resurrection of Viserion. While the dragon’s episode-ending blue eyes imply he’s now switched to the Night King’s side, it’s possible Dany, who does tap into her own share of magic, could at least try to sway her child back to the good guys’ side.

However, if this somehow manages to happen, no one should expect to see Viserion take down the Night King. The big bad literally controls ice and the cold. Throwing more ice the Night King’s way is probably nothing but a gift.
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Could Dragonglass Kill The Night King?

Back in season 3’s "Second Sons," Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) kills a White Walker with a dragonglass, or obsidian, dagger. The White Walker is just as shocked as Sam is over the unexpected turn of events.

This means a blade made of dragonglass, which is the exact substance Jon mined from the caves of Dragonstone, could hypothetically kill the Night King. However, that means a hero like Jon would actually have to get close enough to the villain for hand-to-hand combat. This is harder than it sounds — and it already sounds pretty hard, considering how good the ice zombie is with a lance. To kill the Night King with dragonglass, someone would have to get through the army of the dead, which is thousands of wights, White Walkers, and reanimated animal corpses deep. Then, if one managed to do that, they would then have to battle the fire-repellent Night King, who is also able to set off dangerous tremors through the ice. We see confirmation of this telekinetic power in season ‘6 episode "The Door" when the Night King and his legions of followers come for Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and the remaining Children Of The Forest.

Oh, yeah, and speaking of Bran, certain clues hint the Night King can see the future. So, he would literally predict any type of blows a would-be assailant could think of.

So, hand-to-hand combat is a viable (but wildly not recommend) option.
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Could A Valyrian Steel Sword Kill The Night King?

If success in killing the Night King is unlikely with a dragonglass blade, the chances for assassination aren’t much better with a Valarian steel sword. But, we would put it past Jon Snow to try out another dumb and deadly plan.

And Jorah did let the King In The North (Lord Protector Of The North?) hold onto old Longclaw
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Could You Simply Kill Bran?

A certain theory is starting to gain traction in the Thrones fandom, and it’s all thanks to a single GIF. Viewers are questioning whether Bran is actually the Night King, after the pair ended up wearing essentially the same outfit in essentially the same location in "The Door" and "Beyond The Wall," respectively. The basic explanation of the theory posits an older Bran visions his way into the deep past, allowing the magical Children Of The Forest to capture him and turn the Stark son into the first White Walker.

If this leading fan theory is true, killing Bran now would eliminate the possibility of the Night King ever becoming the Night King. This is because the newly-minted Three-Eyed Raven is still a teen boy, not yet the grown adult we see get turned into a White Walker. However, it’s unlikely an honor-obsessed man like Jon would be willing to murder his brother, even if it means saving the realm.

Also, we're still not even sure this theory is true or amazing fan-fiction.
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Could Anything Else Kill The Night King?

Anything is possible in Game Of Thrones land, as new revelations drop every episode lately. If the Citadel is hiding the working cure for greyscale and the game-changing marriage license of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (Aisling Franciosi), who knows what other important secrets are hiding in there.

If only Sam Tarly didn’t burn that knowledge bridge down earlier this season…

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