The Most Mind-Bending Twin Peaks Theories You Need To Know Right Now

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There are few shows that lend themselves to rampant fan theories like Twin Peaks. The throwback David Lynch show — which can count everything from The X-Files to Riverdale as intellectual offspring — mixes murder, the dark side of small town life, and the bafflingly supernatural into one cult series. And now it's back for an equally puzzling season 3 on Showtime.
As the show delves deeper in its latest season, viewers are getting more questions than answers about the obsession-worthy drama. Will FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) ever be himself again? Where's Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn)? And, honestly, what the Bob is going on?
With all of these questions buzzing around, we decided to gather up all the best fan theories out there about Twin Peaks season 3. Take a look at the gallery to see all the damn fine speculation we've found.
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Are You Supposed To Start Feeling Impatient?

It would be easy for any viewer to feel impatient during Twin Peaks: The Return, since we’ve still only spend a few minutes with each beloved character from the original series. But, what if this slow-moving "snapshots" are the whole point?

“Maybe this is too meta — but I wouldn't be surprised if Lynch is making a reference to how he expects the audience will react when watching The Return,” Redditor @NoReason_ writes. “The whole time, they're all saying HURRY UP. GET TO THE POINT. THERE'S ONLY 6 EPISODES LEFT. WHY ARE WE HERE!? WHY DOES THIS MATTER!? WHY ARE THEY TAKING SO LONG TO GET TO THE POINT!?”

This is one theory we definitely wouldn’t put past David Lynch.
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Is Diane Possessed Too?

Is Twin Peaks: The Return’s greatest character so far — former secretary Diane Evans (Laura Dern) actually possessed in the same way Leland Palmer was at the start of the original series?

"Like Leland she seems to switch back and forth between aiding the FBI gang and working with [Evil Cooper]," Redditor @theshakedrinker theorizes. "If she was controlled by a spirit all the time she wouldn't have given the information of seeing the woodsman behind the car, like Leland telling Cooper about recognizing BOB as his childhood neighbor Robertson while also being controlled by BOB."

Plus, Diane's white wig is very post-possession Leland Palmer. After Diane's implied sexual assault at the hands of Evil Coop, let's hope another horrific trauma hasn't infected her life.
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Are Janey-E And Sonny Jim Not Long For This World?

It’s unlikely Cooper-As-Dougie will be able to explain the oddities of Twin Peaks to his new family, so the series will have to get rid of them somehow. As even more people aim to murder Dougie in "Part 10," it’s possible Janey-E (Naomi Watts) and her child Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) will be the collateral damage.

"It will be the moment that shakes him out [of his haze]," Reddit user @Seal412 writes. "[Cooper-as-Dougie] is happy. But the deaths of his new child and wife, would make his showdown with Mr. C way more personal. It would make it a hell of a lot more emotional."

While it would be great if the murder of a woman and her son isn’t what finally gets Twin Peaks moving forward, we do hope something else — anything else! — helps the revival ditch its Dougie Jones storyline.
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What Is Going On With Jerry?

Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) has been "lost" in the woods for quite a while, and life just keeps getting weirder for him. In fact, things are so bad, he doesn't even think his own foot belongs to him by "Part 9."

It’s possible Jerry "is somehow going to stumble into the black lodge in (2 days according to the note in show time) when the lodge re-opens," Redditor @DestinyCE theorizes. With Jerry's journey existing so far from the confusing action of Twin Peaks: The Return this is the perfect way to bring him back into the fold.
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How Is Twin Peaks Related To The Manhattan Project Bomb Testing?

Twin Peaks dedicated almost all of revival episode “Part 8” to the Manhattan Project and its fictionalized fallout in New Mexico. But, Twin Peaks is over 1,500 miles from the Southwest state — what does David Lynch’s story have to do with military testing?

On Redditor theorizes they’re a lot more connected than anyone would guess. “A real-life fact is that the plutonium used in the construction of the nuclear bomb for the Trinity test (as seen in "Part 8") was manufactured at the Hanford Site, a nuclear facility in Washington state,” @LightFromADeadStar explains. The book The Secret History of Twin Peaks also reveals the Hanford Site land was stolen from the Nez Perce tribe in 1942, three years before the Trinity Test. The Nez Perce tribe’s chief swore there would be a reckoning. With the test creating the epitome of “modern man's evil” is this that reckoning?
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Are Coop-As-Dougie’s Drawings Still Related To Twin Peaks?

An intrepid Twin Peaks fan noticed Dougie’s drawings in "Part 6" look very similar to the carvings in the Owl Cave in Twin Peaks. “I wonder if both the map and scribbles are both forms of automatic writing transmitted by the lodge to individuals in trance like states?” questions @dialecticspeaks.

Considering just how seriously Dougie’s boss took the drawings anything could be a plausible answer right now.
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Does It All Come Down To Shoes?

By Twin Peaks "Part 5," Agent Cooper is still sleepwalking through Dougie Jones. The minds of Reddit are hard at work trying to figure out how to get Coop out of Las Vegas and back to Twin Peaks, where all of his beloved coffee and pie resides.

"I think inside room (317?) of the Great Northern is either the exact pair of shoes that [Coop] left behind," theorizes @BloatedSnake430 in a lengthy explanation. "I think the KEY to getting our Coop back is to get him out of Dougie's shoes and back into a pair of his own."
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Who Is Richard Horne?

We’re introduced to brand new Horne family member Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) without any explanation of his parentage, which always leads to wild fan theories. Just ask Jon Snow.

In the season 3 premiere, a character named ??????? told Coop, "Remember…Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone," leading many to suspect Richard and Linda are twins, since some might say a boy-girl twin pregnancy is a two birds, one stone situation. And now that we’ve met a mysterious Richard, viewers believe this is who ??????? was talking about.

"Evil Coop got Audrey pregnant after replacing Coop," @Fire-Walk_With_Me suspects. "It feels so in character with Bob's character. Audrey had twins, Richard (who is credited in [episode] 5) and Linda... ‘two birds with one stone.’"
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Who Is The Anonymous Billionaire?

Speaking of Audrey, everyone is starting to think she may be the anonymous billionaire mentioned in "Part 1." In the episode, a young man named Ben (Ben Rosenfield) explains an unknown benefactor — or benefactress? — is paying him just to stare at a giant glass cube and wait for something to appear.

Of course, the mysterious object is connected to the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks, so the billionaire must be affiliated with the town as well, the Hollywood Reporter points out. With Audrey still MIA after five episodes, it’s starting to look like the fan-favorite character may be the one pulling the very expensive strings.
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Is Dougie A Memory Of Coop’s?

Redditor @Mauseknoddel has found evidence Coop decoy Dougie may have been created by the FBI agent’s own memory. The book The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper details a 1960s murder scene Coop saw as a teenager, saying of the victim, "He's white, has dark hair, about 5'9 tall. He's wearing a green Jacket, light-brown pants and brown shoes." That is exactly what Dougie wears.

"I wonder if Bad Coop plucked out that ‘memory’ to manufacture Dougie for some reason," questions @cyan_pepper.
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Is Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) Dealing Drugs Again?

In Twin Peaks season 3, Bobby has seemingly left all vestiges of his criminal past behind as a member of the sheriff's department. But, what if the former cocaine dealer isn’t quite so squeaky clean?

"I took notice that when the new Sheriff Truman addresses him, he mentions that Chinese designer drugs are getting across the border ‘again,’" notes @Jacobdubya, adding Bobby may be back to his old tricks, only this time "free of suspicion" as a "crooked police officer."

Fans are split on the possibility.
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How Do The Doppelgängers Work?

Obviously, Agent Coop has a doppelgänger in the form of Bad Coop, as well as a former manufactured decoy in the form of Dougie.

"The ‘real’ doppelgängers are probably not manufactures, but habitants of the Black Lodge, some sort of mirror images of those living in (or visiting) the White Lodge," theorizes @Tidemand.

Considering this is Twin Peaks, anything is possible.