You'll Never Believe These Celebrities Guest Starred On Baywatch

Like Gray's Anatomy, Baywatch made the business of life-saving sexy. For 10 years, young, strapping actors pranced around Los Angeles beaches in red bathing suits under the guise of rescuing fellow humans. The TV phenomenon gave rise to talents like Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. Even more entertainingly, though, Baywatch served as an early acting credit for many rising young stars.
You'll never believe the strange array of talent who got their start on Baywatch. Yes, that right there is Jason Momoa, Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones. As Momoa grew older, his hair would only grow more luscious, his expression only more fierce.
Momoa isn't the only face you'll be surprised to see on this roundup of former Baywatch guest stars. With the movie adaptation hitting theaters on May 19, it's high time to brush up on your old Baywatch nostalgia. Be be forewarned: The movie is about 6 million times raunchier than the original series.
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Jason Momoa

Here he is, singing as his character Jason Ioane in Baywatch Hawaii.
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Mila Kunis

The early days of Mila Kunis' career are some of the best corners of the internet. First, she starred in this incredible Lisa Frank commercial, a relic of '90s aesthetics. Then, Kunis had two cameos on Baywatch.

In 1994, an 11-year-old Kunis played Annie, a student on a field trip to the beach. When two of Annie's classmates begin drowning, Annie flags down lifeguard Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul) for help.

The second time around, Kunis played a blind girl lost in the woods.
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Fremantle Enterprises
Shiri Appleby

Long before starring as Rachel in UnReal, Appleby played Jennie, a Baywatch love interest.
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Mariska Hargitay

In 1989, Hargitay played Lisa Peters, a rich girl intent on dating a lifeguard even though her family disapproves. In this dramatic scene, paired with equally dramatic music, Lisa rebels from her father by jumping off his yacht. She is saved by her strapping young lifeguard beau, but proceeds to "dry drown" hours later, since her lungs are still full of water.

Hargitay would go on to star in Law and Order: SVU, a cable juggernaut of her own.
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Michelle Williams

Baywatch was this Oscar-winning actress' first official credit. She played Bridget Bowers, a middle-schooler with otherworldly confidence. In this scene, Bridget invites Hobie Buchannon to a party.
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Little Richard

It's hard to fathom why Little Richard would be compelled to give an impromptu beachside concert on a spinning piano, but such are the magical powers of Baywatch. Note David Hasselhoff clapping off the beat at 1:10.
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Who knew Baywatch was such an inviting atmosphere for budding musical talent? In 1996, Shaggy sang on the beach in an uncredited performance. Four years later, his song "It Wasn't Me" came out.
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Naya Rivera

When she was 12, Rivera had an adorable (and brief) stint as Willa, a girl visiting the beach with her dad. She'd go on to play Santana on Glee.
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Bryan Cranston

Let's take this conversation out of context.

Two lifeguards show up to Bryan Cranston's boat, looking surly.

Cranston's character, Tom Logan, says, "Look, beach boy. I'm completely legit. I'm not losing a minute of sleep just because you don't like what I'm doing."

The lifeguard responds, "It's not just us. The police don't like it either."

Next shot, Tom is scuttling away on his party boat. All of this is to say Cranston has been running from the cops since long before Breaking Bad.
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David Spade

In 1989, Spade joined the Baywatch crew as a surfer named B.J. In this episode, his brand-new surfboard is sacrificed in a beachside bonfire in the hopes of inciting new waves.
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Daisy Fuentes

Now, Fuentes is a TV host, comedian, and veritable media superstar. In Baywatch, though, she's a hapless beachgoer being carried to safety by a lifeguard.
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Sophia Vergara

This is how product placement happened in the '90s, before Instagram.
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Carrie Anne Moss

With her work as Trinity in The Matrix, Moss proved she can play an ass-kicking heroine. On this episode of Baywatch, she showed she can also play the cheesiest seductive criminal of all time.