10 Unicorn Products To Bring Rainbow Magic To Your Pad

It seems like the demand for unicorns has reached a fever pitch in 2017. From Frappuccinos to hair dye to Louboutin stilettos, the world at large has been eager to gobble up anything and everything that features dreamy rainbow colors — along with a hefty dose of glitter. An emblem of positivity and uniqueness, the mystical creature is just the right motif to get behind in these turbulent times. And its visually striking pastel palette is the perfect bait for social media Likes.
Unicorn-themed items may not carry actual magical powers, but they can certainly help brighten up your day — which is precisely why brands are doling out unicorn paraphernalia for the home. We plucked the 10 best designs featuring the fantastical beast, so you can get your pad tricked out like a Lisa Frank wonderland.
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Nursing your favorite wine at the end of a long day will be even more enjoyable with this hand-painted crystal glass, where the sparkly, rainbow-colored tail swirls down to the bottom of the stem.

ToastedGlass Long Tail Unicorn Wine Glass, $30.67, available at Etsy
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Our hearts are tingling for this unicorn-shaped diffuser, which is hands-down the cutest humidifier ever. The item is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, but judging by the six- to eight-hour lifespan and mood-lighting capabilities, this petite beauty is going to sell out fast.

Smoko Elodie Unicorn Diffuser, $36, available at Kickstarter
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A majestic being like the unicorn deserves to be seen from near and far. This tall and sparkly wall mount makes sure everyone takes notice as soon as they step into your home.

White Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Wall Decor, $69.60, available at Jane.com
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Make your own unicorn rainbow with this creative pencil holder.

White Mint NPW Unicorn Pencil Holder, $15, available at Trouva
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This porcelain jewelry box is a chic and grown-up way to showcase your love for unicorns.

Printer And Tailor Gold Jewelry Box, $12.49, available at Trouva
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The unicorn is more than just a character — it can also be expressed as a color palette. This bedding set encapsulates the wild and whimsical mood of the mythical animal.

Chelsea Victoria For DENY Unicorn Marble Duvet Cover, $129, available at Urban Outfitters
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These glittery fillies will add just the right amount of magic to your indoor plants.

Kurt Adler Frosted Kingdom Unicorn Ornament, $12.89, available at Amazon
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This cheerful unicorn clock will surely jazz up your living room wall.

To Be A Unicorn Wall Clock, $24, available at Society6
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The long, sharp horn of this majestic breed lends itself perfectly to jewelry organization, don't you think?

imm Living Bewitched Unicorn Ring Holder, $17.90, available at Burke Decor
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An adorable mug depicting unicorns doing yoga is just the kind of uplifting accessory you need at your workspace.

FoxyMug Travel Cup Unicorn Yoga Plastic Cup, $14, available at Etsy
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