Your Horoscope This Week — May 22 2016

Designed by John Lisle & Christine Hahn.
Ready to find the Zayn to your Gigi? Charming Venus hops into flirty, casual Gemini from Monday until June 17, making us all a lot lighter in the game of love. Some of us won't even be in the mood for it, preferring the company of friends (and sibs) over the intensity relationships can bring. If you're part of a pair, make a point of being bae's BFF. Gemini is the sign of the twins, after all, and while you don't have to go rocking coordinated ensembles, discovering new common ground will be a fun adventure.

On Thursday, hold your fire — and your fiery remarks! Bigmouthed Jupiter slams into a signal-dropping square (90-degree angle) with cautious, conservative Saturn. Talking like Trump could really bring trouble now — especially if those words can't be backed up with action. While Jupiter is all, "Go, go, go!" Saturn is like, "Slow down." This frustrating cosmic combo could make us feel like we're gunning our engines and slamming on the brakes at the same time. Expect start and stop progress this week and don't give up. Just make sure you're working from a prudent and practical plan!

On Friday, energizer Mars — which is retrograde from April 17 to June 29 — slips back from fiery, flamboyant Sagittarius into seductive, secretive Scorpio. Our daring moves have certainly brought mixed reviews — and even made some messes — since mid-April. With Mars in Scorpio, we'll pull back and be a little more thoughtful about how we present ourselves in public. Mars hovers in Scorpio until August 2, which can make for a sultry, but also complicated, summer. For best results, don't rush into anything romantic!

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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
Sashay down life's step-and-repeat: Charming, radiant Venus makes her annual visit to Gemini through June 17, blessing you with major magnetism. Your desirability quotient? Through the roof! But hang on to your final rose and do some “field research,” Gemini, holding out for someone who matches your high vibes self. If you’re already spoken for, give yourself a longer leash — not for cheating, but for exploring your autonomous interests. A little distance won’t divide; it will create the oxygen needed to keep the flames burning bright. Give your style a spring-fresh upgrade, maybe giving one of these shorter, textured 'dos a go.

On Thursday, don't rush to gush, even if your heart is swelling with sentimental feelings. A tangled angle between "tell it like it is" Jupiter and "silencio, por favor" Saturn calls for a little more discretion. If it’s time to have The Talk about a relationship’s future, make it a private conversation. It’s also a little too easy to overreact and take things personally. Get the facts before you react! Female friends could be the button pushers who make tears spring to your eyes. Don’t go sob in a bathroom stall and follow that with silent treatment. Take a time out, but know that talking it out (a few days later, preferably) is the only way to move through the hurt feelings.

Fitness could be your summer fixation when, on Friday, motivator Mars slips back into Scorpio and your wellness zone until August 2. Ramp up slowly, though, avoiding the "no pain, no gain" mindset. The red planet is retrograde until June 29. If you push it too hard, you could injure yourself or burn out before you find your groove. Work will be especially busy during this Mars cycle, so you'll need those stress-busting workouts even more to keep your inner Zen.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
Rose-colored glasses? Check! On Monday, Venus slips into your fantasy-fueled 12th house until June 17, turning life into a fairy tale. While you might not have the best BS detector, this softened stance might help would-be suitors crack past that hardcore shell of yours. But don’t throw good sense out the window after dropping your guard. Run the background checks and remember that time will tell all. Attached? Slip off for a sweet escape. A few nights at a remote cottage or following your favorite band on tour is just what the love doctor ordered. Some old fears could be stirred, but diplomatic Venus helps you discuss them lovingly. Don’t sweep them under the rug, though, because dealing brings healing.

On Thursday, don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. As much as you want to sell people on your big ideas, it’s a little too easy to make promises that you can’t keep. Can you back up your words with action, Cancer? With gambling Jupiter getting a citation from Officer Saturn, better to err on the “underpromise and overdeliver” side of the equation. Do your due diligence, too! Crunch numbers, research facts, and make sure your game is tight — especially when it comes to any professional matters.

More news for your summer love forecast comes on Friday, when white-hot Mars slips back into Scorpio and your fifth house of passion and romance until August 2. With the planet of lust percolating here, things will definitely heat up — and maybe even with an ex while Mars is retrograde until June 29. A dashing person could enter your life, but with rash Mars here, they could leave just as quickly (and maybe come back again). While this might not be the most stable time, it will certainly be dynamic and exciting! Creatively, this could be a renaissance period for you, so keep some space in your calendar for dates with the muse.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
Just friends...or a little something extra? Oh, who cares, Leo! On Monday, your approach to love gets a lot lighter, when Venus moves into your friendly 11th house for three weeks. You may prefer to leave your status undefined now or just put heavy talks about The Future on hold for a few weeks. Your sense of humor is the most powerful tool in your amorous arsenal now — laughter could be the glue that keeps an important bond in place. Socialize often: A friend of a friend or a “random stranger” you meet at a club or festival could turn out to be more than just a passing attraction. Digital dating brings some promising options, too, so let the right swiping begin.

On Thursday, don't be so quick to embrace every charismatic stranger. A complex mêlée between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn could make it hard to get a read on people's true intentions. When someone offers you a gift — or shows signs of romantic interest — it’s not wrong to raise an eyebrow. This could really be "too much, too soon." But don't get all paranoid and dismiss the effort either. Just ride the brakes a little and pace the unfolding of the connection.

On Friday, your attention turns to home and family matters as aggressive Mars retreats into Scorpio and your domestic zone until August 2. All will not be quiet in the Leo lair and some changes may be in store as a result. Try to work out peaceful agreements while Mars is retrograde until June 29. If you can't resolve differences by then, someone may be renting a U-Haul! Women may be key players in your summer plans as this Mars phase can bring some powerful and profitable sister acts. Who runs the world? (Duh...girls!)
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
Power suit? Check! It's all about who you know for the next few weeks, as charming Venus parks in Gemini and your 10th house of ambition until June 17. Socializing, both with your coworkers and a fresh set of contacts, can exponentially increase your career options. Head to industry networking events and make a point of connecting to the office influencers who can take you under their wings. With design star Venus fueling your tanks, this is a great time to gloss up your professional profile with new photos, snappy wardrobe upgrades, and even a few sessions with a coach. Since Venus rules love, an office crush could heat up or you could meet your match through a work-related function.

On Thursday, big-mouthed Jupiter locks into a tricky tango with modest Saturn, cautioning you to dial back your live-out-loud M.O. If you see something, say something? Not so fast, Virgo. Your words and actions DO have an impact on your friends and family. And while you hate to be censored, this is just not the best timing to divulge anything major — at least if you want the news to have a positive impact. Has there been tension under your roof? This cosmic clash could push brewing conflict out into the open. In this case, you may have no option but to talk thing through. Just make sure you're sufficiently cooled down before you discuss or you could burn bridges instead of building them.

On Friday, anxious Mars slips back into Scorpio and your friendship and communication sector until August 2, making you rethink a few close alliances. While you enjoy being part of a friend group, you may feel frustratingly suppressed around people in your day-to-day. Use this week to really evaluate: Does fitting in come at the price of your self-expression? If so, spread your wings and soar to another squad where you can truly be you. You might even reconnect to an old crew while Mars is retrograde until June 29.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. Love planet Venus cruises into Gemini and your worldly ninth house until June 17, appointing you the Ambassador of Amour. An expat visiting your town could totally, uh, stamp your passport as you enjoy a sexy spring fling. If you’re vacationing over the coming three weeks, your sojourn could bring a scintillating surprise, one that could even turn into a long-distance relationship in the future. Coupled Libras, go exploring together often and book reservations for a spicy getaway before mid-June.

On Thursday, write this on your hand: "Don't take it personally!" Signals scramble and make you super-sensitive that day, when jump-the-gun Jupiter hits a snag with critical Saturn. The lines of communication could cross with a friend, sibling, coworker — or even the neighbor who shares your bedroom wall. This "affront" could churn up some intense emotions. But before you go off, slow down, ask questions, and see if you can't find win-wins. On the flip side, if you’ve been too eager to compromise, you could see the need for some firmer boundaries, too. Let people know that you've hit your limit so they actually know that they've crossed a line.

Money's on your mind this Friday as motivator Mars dips back into Scorpio and your finance zone until August 2. The red planet's influence can be both energizing and aggravating. If you've been living beyond your means, something's gotta give — especially while Mars is retrograde until June 29. Review your bills and monthly expenses with a fine-toothed comb, trimming back where needed. Hop on LinkedIn: A colleague from your past might have a profitable opportunity to share with you before July!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Real talk, Scorpio: Are you in love, obsessed, or maybe a little bit of both? From Monday until June 17, amorous Venus purrs in your erotic eighth house, making you long for more permanent attachment. But with who? You’ll be in your sexy element now. Find someone who appreciates your mystique, but also has the courage to confront you when you're hiding behind it, instead of being real and vulnerable. Already in a relationship? Drop the mask and address the questions you've been afraid to broach. Get curious about who your partner really is. The stories you're inventing in your mind are far scarier than reality — which could actually be quite pleasing if you'd only just ask.

On Thursday, you could have misgivings about your membership in a particular squad. It feels great to belong, Scorpio, but at what price? The privileges might simply not be worth the admission — especially if people expect you to “go along to get along” or conform to values that don’t mesh with your own. Before you deactivate, however, see what happens if you voice a dissenting opinion. You could be the game-changer this group has been waiting for.

On Friday, red-hot Mars, which is retrograde from April 17 to June 29, scoots back into Scorpio and ramps up your mojo until August 2. Have you forgotten how desirable you are? Rediscovering your power isn't about getting approval from other people, it's about giving it to yourself. During the retrograde, dive back into one of your passions. You'll draw like-minded souls and maybe a fan base. Plus, there's nothing quite so attractive as a Scorpio who is in her element. This is the summer of "doing you." Don't worry: Relationships will fall into alignment as a matter of course.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Time to get serious about a two-person arrangement, Sagittarius. Love planet Venus cruises into Gemini and your seventh house of committed relationships from Monday until June 17. Although you always need to retain a sense of freedom, who says you can’t experience that within a partnership? You could magnetize “the marrying kind” over the next few weeks or decide to take an existing relationship to the next level. Opposites definitely attract now, so keep an open mind. Already taken? Make a point of being more present with your love interest by putting away your digital devices and giving your undivided attention. Stock the shared calendar with adventure dates, travel, and experiences that are "firsts" for both of you.

On Thursday, your ruling planet Jupiter in your 10th house of career crashes into a tricky angle with taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius and your first house of freedom. Suddenly, you could hit a wall, questioning your life purpose and direction — and ability to take charge. Deep. Breaths. Don’t retreat! If you’re going to walk the high wire, build a better safety net. Get a solid support structure in place — from friends who will give you pep talks to an office mentor to an actual business coach. After all, no one makes it to the top alone.

On Friday, motivator Mars, which has been retrograde in your sign since April 17, bumps back into Scorpio and your 12th house of healing, transitions, and divinely inspired creativity. In a sense, this will be a relief. Life has been stressful since April for you, with hidden enemies and buried anger marching out of the woodwork like an army of termites. (Who knew you were that pissed off?!) With Mars in Scorpio until August 2 (and retrograde until June 29), you have most of the summer to plumb the depths of your psyche, learn how to verbalize your feelings, and set healthy boundaries, so you don't have to explode like that again. Start journaling, meditating, and seeing a great therapist or mentor. Do that inner work and when Mars blasts back into Sagittarius from August 2 to September 27, you will be stronger, savvier, and more self-confident than you've possibly ever been.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
Loving the skin you're in is the goal for the next few weeks as radiant Venus cruises through your wellness zone from Monday through June 17. Instead of fixating on your reflection, get in tune with how good it feels to move your body and feed it clean, green fuel. You could find a dance-based exercise class that you love or get revved from walking (or biking) more and driving less. Spending time in nature is an aphrodisiac: Bring on the romantic picnics and hikes, and turn your bedroom buddy into your fitness buddy. (Green smoothies for two?) Single Caps could find love on the outdoor running trail or while waiting in line at the cold-pressed juice spot.

On Thursday, the line could blur between caring and codependent. Uh-oh. Dial back your attempts to be helpful if this is starting to drain you. And stay out of other people’s issues — unless they explicitly ask for your support. (And even then...) By waiting a little longer to add your two cents, you’ll see them work it out for themselves, which is always ideal. Conserve your energy and your resources this week, too. A challenging clash between your ruler, jovial Jupiter; and your ruling planet, conservative Saturn, makes this a bad time to commit to major expenses that you don’t feel 200% certain about! More research and comparison shopping is warranted.

On Friday, you'll start getting sentimental for your squad from back in the day as Mars retreats into Scorpio and your teamwork zone until August 2. The red planet will actually be retrograde until June 29, which is a prime time for reunions with people who know how to fire up your passion, creativity, and activist spirit. Did you have a falling-out with a certain crew? Mars is the warrior planet and the next four weeks are ideal for either making amends or figuring out how to really let go of the pain from the situation, so you can open up to new crowds come July.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
Still waiting for spring fever to strike? On Monday, ardent Venus sashays into Gemini and your passionate, glamorous fifth house until June 17. Get yourself in the mood by dressing up, dancing, and generally cutting loose. Laughter is the best medicine for a broken, or frozen, heart. The fifth house rules festive celebrations and fertility, which could get some Water Bearers thinking about putting a ring on that finger — or a bun in the oven! If you're ready for such milestones, charming Venus will help you talk through possibilities with bae. Or maybe it's just time to marry yourself by getting serious about one of your talents, especially the creative ones! This Venus cycle can bring fame and celebrity your way. Don't be shy about self-promotion. Now's the time to start a buzz on your own behalf.

On Thursday, Saturn locks horns with truth-bearer Jupiter, revealing some uncomfortable truths about the people in your midst. Bad blood, begone! One rotten apple can spoil the barrel, Aquarius. If you’ve extended more than a second chance to a troublemaker, you may have cause to evict her from your circle now. Consider it self-preservation. Snakes in the grass can be dangerous. Did you step on someone's sandals? Don’t say sorry “just for show.” It could be that you’ve outgrown a certain crew and that now is the time to move on.

Your career comes into sharper focus on Friday, when motivator Mars slips into Scorpio and your 10th house of success until August 2. Suddenly, "What do I want to do with my life?" becomes your obsession du jour. The red planet will be retrograde until June 29, pointing you to the past. A passion you shelved long ago could be the very thing you need to embrace as a new path — or to incorporate into your current career to bump it to the next level. Working with a coach or mentor can bring priceless guidance over the summer — and can also save you from making hasty or costly missteps.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Lavender, lilac, or plum? There's a subtle difference in these hues — something your sensitive sign is tapped into. On Monday, aesthetic Venus decamps to Gemini and your domestic fourth house until June 17, making you crave the right colors, lighting, textures, and mood in your home, sweet home. Bless your nest with some overdue upgrades, like a new duvet cover or a fresh coat of paint or temporary wallpaper. Set up your sound system so you can pipe your favorite jams into your bedroom and as background ambience during your long soaks in the tub. Your GFs will be your everything for the next few weeks, too. Reconnect with the girls. You never know: They might wind up playing matchmaker and connecting you to a sultry springtime sweetheart.

Thursday's clash between "go for it!" Jupiter and "whoa, Nelly" Saturn may cause you to second-guess your latest romantic interest — and not without good reason. It’s possible that you’ve fallen for someone “exciting” who is actually disruptive to your sense of inner peace. And while you hate the idea of being bored, this one could take “destabilizing” to a rocky low. Rule of thumb: If getting involved means hurting yourself or another person (like, say, your crush’s ex, who is ALSO a friend of yours), think twice before you dive in. Unless there’s truly a meant-to-be connection here, it’s not worth playing with fire. On the flip side, are you holding a good person at arm’s length? If you don’t have evidence that screams “toxic,” maybe you should consider opening your heart a little more. If you're in a relationship, you might be making too many sacrifices to please your mate. Make sure you're paying proper attention to your own life, especially your career, or you'll wind up pissed off.

On Friday, smoldering Mars slips back into Scorpio until August 2, illuminating your candid, philosophical ninth house. There's truth in anger, Pisces — but that's often an emotion your soulful sign is loathe to feel. Spend the summer getting in tune with that feeling! Not because you want to rage on people, but more so you don't. You often wait too long to listen to this signal, even slipping into denial or avoiding people who piss you off. What if you could address the conflict powerfully, Pisces, before things implode? Here are some surprising ways to make anger healthy. Those tips could revolutionize your life this summer.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
When it come to love, you'll be quite the magnet for the next three weeks. On Monday, amorous Venus heads into Gemini, lighting up your flirty third house until June 17. Variety is the spice of your love life, so swipe right — and then do it again. You'll probably prefer to hang on to that single status until mid-June, so you can sample all those spring-fevered offerings. If you’re coupled, then bring some diversity to your date planning. You’ve done enough rounds at “the usual places.” Bring on the road trips, record release parties, and rooftop soirees. Being best friends with your partner will make you bond feel rock-solid now.

On Thursday, a tangled angle between hasty Jupiter and perfectionist Saturn reminds you that the devil is in the details — but so is a chorus of angels! Your attention to “the little things” can give you the edge over the competition. It could even lead to an unexpected promotion or special opportunity. Just don’t overdo it on the bells and whistles. In some cases, this cosmic clash will show you where less is more. Aim for progress, but don't get obsessed with perfection. Flawless should be a category reserved for Beyoncé.

On Friday, your ruling planet, passionate Mars, slips back into Scorpio until August 2. While this will be a highly seductive and intimate time, there could be some complex entanglements, both sexually and financially — especially while Mars hovers in retrograde until June 29. Be careful about who you get into bed with or put your name next to on a bill. This is Mars' second tour of Scorpio in 2016. A simmering attraction that began between January 3 and March 5 could bubble up again, or you may realize that you need to bolt the door on a bad (but tantalizing) romance that takes you away from your highest good. Willpower, Aries!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
Spotify those slow jams and kick back. Your ruling planet Venus switches signs on Monday, leaving Taurus and heading into Gemini until June 17. You’ll enjoy this sensual energy, even if it means moving at a slightly slower pace. Flirting is an art form; seduction, too — especially if you draw things out a bit. You’ll be attracted to the “nice guys” now. If you’re already attached, make more time to just chill together, nesting, cuddling, and making dinner together at home. And here's a novel idea: When you're having twosome time, tuck away your cell phones and give each other your undivided attention. Without all those beeps interrupting your flow, talks could turn to deeper topics, like your visions for the future and how your childhoods shaped you. And you'll finally get to discuss those practical matters, too, like how to deal with shared finances more proactively.

Thursday's befuddling clash between candid Jupiter and conservative Saturn cautions you against shouting any news from the rooftop. As you blow up Snapchat and your Twitter feed, your message could easily get lost in translation. You’ve earned your bragging rights, yes, but people might mistake your self-promotions for an ego trip. Keep your cards a little closer to your vest. The element of surprise will work in your favor, so it’s best to wait until people least expect it to drop those juicy gems.

On Friday, Mars retrograde slips back into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships until August 2. Summer lovin' (or other two-person collabs) could be a bit of a roller coaster ride — especially until the retrograde ends on June 29. But instead of running from challenges, embrace them head on. The hallmark of a great pairing is not that the bond is conflict-free; it's how you greet your differences and cooperate and compromise that tells the real story. Remember, Taurus, there's no one in the world who thinks exactly like you do. What you find offensive might be no big deal to your other half. When your hackles are raised, ask questions instead of making assumptions. People's explanations will surprise you — and might make you feel more secure than you ever imagined possible.