One State Now Has An Official Beyoncé Day, Plus More Stories


1. Major News: The Justice Department will seek the death penalty against alleged Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

“Following the department’s rigorous review process to thoroughly consider all relevant factual and legal issues, I have determined that the Justice Department will seek the death penalty,” Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said. (Read More)

2. In-The-Know: The sexual assault case against Bill Cosby will go to trial.

At a preliminary hearing held on Tuesday, District Judge Elizabeth McHugh ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence to bring Cosby to trial, and the case will continue. Cosby’s arraignment has been set for July 20, when a trial date will be set, and Cosby will enter a plea. (Read More)

3. Here At Home: Donald Trump won the Washington state GOP primary.

Going into the night, last-remaining Republican candidate Donald Trump was only 133 delegates away from the 1,237 needed to win the nomination. The Washington win adds at least 27 more delegates to Trump's total. Senator Bernie Sanders won a majority of delegates over Hillary Clinton in the state's Democratic caucus back on March 26. (Read More)

4. Pro-Tip: Sephora customers with curly hair can now shop by curl type (2A to 4C) to find new products.

Here's how it works: When you visit the store's curly-hair care section online, you can choose from four different curl types: wavy (2A, 2B, 2C), curly (3A and 3B), coily (3C and 4A), or tightly coiled (4A, 4B, 4C). (Read More)
Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.

5. Tech Talk: A study found that Tesla and Jaguar have the highest rate of software defects in the auto industry.

Consumer complaints about vehicle software problems filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration jumped 22% in 2015, compared with a year earlier, according to the new J.D. Power and Associates study, which analyzes NHTSA records and its own data together. (USA Today)

6. Geek Out: Everlane is now accepting job applications submitted via Snapchat.

The company wrote on Lever that making a Snapchat story might be the “best way to get hired in 2016.” The post encourages interested applicants to make Snapchat stories to show why they would be perfect for any open positions with the company. (Time)

7. Bey Day: Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton declared Monday, May 23, Beyoncé Day in his state.

"Beyoncé has influenced many Minnesota girls and women with the powerful, positive messages in her music, and her impact and success have been widely-recognized," the official statement reads. (Read More)

8. Real Talk: Kelis has never even had a milkshake before.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the singer turned chef was asked, "What would go into a Kelis milkshake?" and her answer broke hearts all across America. She responded, "I don’t think I’ve ever made a milkshake." (Read More)

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