Celebrities Slayed On The Met Ball Red Carpet, Plus More Stories


1. Major News: The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Seattle’s $15 minimum wage.

Five franchises and the International Franchise Association said the law treats Seattle’s 623 franchises like large businesses because they are part of multi-state networks. But in reality, the franchises say, they are small businesses and should have more time to phase in the higher hourly wage minimum. (Time)

2. Here At Home: An L.A. county sheriff official resigned after his emails mocking Muslims, Mexicans, and women went public.

One email mocked concerns about racial profiling, while another he forwarded with the comment “You need to share this one too !!!!” contains what is described in the original message as a list of reasons “why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.” (Los Angeles Times)

3. World News: The United Arab Emirates wants to build an artificial mountain to get more rain.

In desert areas like the UAE, rain can be hard to come by, and part of that is due to the country's topography. A man-made mountain could help force air to rise, which would in turn create clouds, and therefore rainfall. (Read More)
Photo: Getty Images.

4. Lawyer Up: Starbucks is being sued for the amount of ice in its drinks.

has the official court documents, which show images claiming that, for example, a 24-ounce drink contains only 14 ounces of liquid. In a statement, Starbucks said, “Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any ‘iced’ beverage.” (Read More)

5. Clap Back: Fans shut down hateful tweets about an Old Navy ad's interracial couple by sharing their own photos.

Following the inundation of hateful tweets Old Navy received after posting an ad featuring an interracial couple and a biracial child, fans showed their support for the brand in the best way possible: by sharing images of their own mixed-race families. (Read More)

6. Cha-Ching: According to a new study, groomsmen actually spend more, on average, than bridesmaids.

In fact, the results showed that the dudes in the bridal party tend to shell out more across every category — even clothes. How? Well, although the average bridesmaid dress isn’t cheap (at around $214.58), it’s still $30 less than the average tuxedo, which runs $245.50. (Read More)

7. A-List: Fashion met technology at last night's Met Gala.

This year's theme for the fashion world's Oscars was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. Claire Danes wore a glow-in-the-dark dress. Katy Perry rocked a Tamagotchi. Kanye wore blue contact lenses. And Beyoncé came solo. (Read More)

8. Daily Horoscopes: Click ahead to see what's in store for you today.

Welcome, stargazers, to your daily horoscope! Click ahead to see what the stars have in store for you today. The Astrotwins can see your future! (Read More)

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