Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Won Big On Super Tuesday, Plus More Must-Read Stories

Here At Home: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump solidified their leads in Super Tuesday voting.

In a day that saw record turnout, Trump won an eclectic collection of seven states. Ted Cruz took three, while Marco Rubio won his first contest. Clinton also scored seven, with Bernie Sanders picking up four. (Read More)

In-The-Know: The Zika virus may trigger a rare but potentially severe neurological disorder.

The Zika virus hits just keep on comin' this week. New research published in The Lancet suggests that the virus may trigger Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare but potentially severe neurological disorder that can cause paralysis. (Read More)

Talking Points: One third of information given to women before abortions is medically inaccurate.

While many people would argue that legally enforcing informed consent before abortions is problematic in and of itself, it turns out a shocking number of states are completely misinforming women. According to a new study, one third of the information in the state-mandated booklets given to women before abortions is medically inaccurate. (Read More)

Style Stalking: Your wardrobe will love these 12 spring fashion trends.

There are certain bragging rights that come with being one of the first of your friends to show up in a never-before-seen style. Let these 12 trends be your guide to getting a head start on the sartorial crazes that are about to be everywhere. And if someone asks how you possibly knew they were coming, we'll keep our lips sealed. (Read More)
Photo: Courtesy of Marni.

ICYMI: Whole Foods Market recalled many of its blue cheese products sold in stores across the U.S.

Whole Foods Market has voluntarily recalled many of its blue cheese products sold in stores across the U.S. The cheeses in question were labeled as "Maytag Raw Milk Blue Cheese," "Maytag Blue," or "Maytag Iowa Blue Cheese." (Read More)

World News: A group of friends found a decomposed body in the backyard of their weekend Airbnb rental.

A group of friends that spent the night at a home in Palaiseau, a rural town located a few miles outside Paris, encountered a gruesome surprise in the backyard of their weekend rental: a decomposed body hunched over on the edge of the woods. (Read More)

Noms: In-N-Out plans to switch over to only serving beef raised without antibiotics.

Good news, In-N-Out fans: The chain's beloved burger is about to get even better. Facing pressure from activists, the chain has announced its commitment to switching over to only serving beef raised without antibiotics, it shared with Reuters in an email last week. So far, the Irvine, CA-based chain has not released a timeline for making the change at its 300 locations. (Read More)

Throwback: Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back to television.

that Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back to television! Sadly, it won't be a revamp of the actual series so that you can finally achieve your dream of entering the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, though. Instead, Nickelodeon has opted to create a live-action movie inspired by the game show. (Read More)

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