Eliza Scanlen Says Little Women Cast Formed A Friends-For-Life Sisterhood

Photo: Craig Barritt/WireImage.
In the wise words of Louisa May Alcott, the sisters of Little Women are squad goals. (Kidding, but she would.) It’s only fitting that an equally dynamic group of actresses were tasked with bringing them to life in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming adaptation of the classic novel, and the trailer alone will have you scheming ways to get into their group text. Sharp Object's Eliza Scanlen, who plays Beth in the film, confirmed to Refinery29 that making Little Women was a “really special” experience that’s resulted in lifelong friendships. 
“Working with so many young, talented women who are around my age and interacting with them as sisters was really special,” she explained. “I will have those friends for life. Saoirse [Ronan] and Florence [Pugh] and Emma [Watson], they’re all such beautiful, talented people.” 
However, the film wasn’t just fruitful for emotional and social reasons — working under a director as esteemed as Gerwig also gave Scanlen a professional push.
"It’s really inspired me to venture out and start writing and directing and trying new things," she continued. "I just recently wrote and directed my own short film, and I think that was born out of watching Greta work and seeing that women can do it all if they just are ambitious and they push for their own needs.”
According to IMDb, the film is titled Mukbang and is about a young women who gets absorbed in the YouTube trend, and stars Susan Prior, Tessa de Josselin, Sofia Nolan, and Nadia Zwecker.
Little Women hits theaters December 25.

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