Psst ... Your Star Sign CAN Predict Your Success

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
New sweaters, new coffee flavors, new projects. Fall is all about fresh starts, so if you had a less-than-stellar summer, it’s time to shake it off, look forward, and get ready for everything this season has to offer. Whatever your sign, there are plenty of high points — plus a few pitfalls to watch out for this month. (Looking at you, Scorpios!)

Angie Banicki,
tarot reader to the stars, read the cards and has advice for which signs should plan to bring extra snacks and hunker down at their desks and which can chill out and enjoy some school-night fun. Not only that, we’ve got some intel on your bank account, including some bonuses that may be coming when you least expect (but very much need)

So read on and get ready. It’s going to be a very interesting month for all signs, with lasting repercussions that’ll resonate into winter and beyond.

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