15 Funky Swimsuits Worth The Weird Tan Lines

We love almost everything about beach days — except, perhaps, what happens afterward when we're peeling off our swimsuits following a long day in the sun. Despite religious SPF application and shade-providing umbrellas and toppers, there's nothing more we can do about preventing tan lines. So, we figure, why fight an impossible fight? Let's leave our fate in the hands of the sunscreen gods and don that weird swimwear we've been pining after.
We found 15 oddly cut bathing suits that are so stunning, we wouldn’t even mind emblazoning their unusual designs on our bodies (well, if not for our skin-care regimens). Click on to shop the strappy bikinis, cutout-filled one-pieces, geometric maillots, and scallop-edged pieces waiting to make their strangely shaped mark. The line(s) form right ahead.