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Vermont's Ben & Jerry's Factory Proves We Will Survive Winter

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February is the notorious low-point of winter — a month-long slog of puzzlingly incurable chapped lips, and grey slush. But if you're struggling to keep your spirits high through the freezing temps, you've got to see how Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made. The universe's proven cure for all shades of the existential blues, this ice cream charts a strangely bewitching journey through groovily-named machines, like "flavor vats," "blend tanks," and "chunk feeders," before being packaged into one of the brand's idyllic pints. I mean, just look at those cows under their serene, summery sky. I'm literally feeling better already.

Spoiler: if you think it's cold outside, the Ben & Jerry's factory has a much-needed reality-check. Its spiral hardener, where market-bound containers go to set before hitting the road to a store near you, cools our favorite flavors at a brisk -60 degrees below 0, with a windchill. Watch the video above to be fully hypnotized by the ice cream's mixing process. Warning: Truffle Kerfuffle indulgences may spontaneously follow.

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How Is Ice Cream Made - Ben And Jerrys Factory TourReleased on February 4, 2017