A Guide To Growing Out Your Pubic Hair

Cameron Diaz praised it in her new book, an American Apparel store debuted it on mannequins in a window display, actress Gaby Hoffmann showed hers off in all of its glory on Girls, and Chris Messina's character on the Mindy Project brought it up with Mindy Kaling's Dr. Lahiri: "Just grow it out." We're talking, of course, about pubic hair.
It seems all anyone can talk about these days is the triumphant return of the bush. Easy enough to grow out, right? Stop removing your hair, and you'll be rocking the vintage look in no time. Not exactly: Brazilian waxes have been a cultural mainstay for so long that some of us haven't ever actually had a full bush, coming of age in a society where taking to our lady parts with sharp razors and hot wax as soon as we spotted hair seemed like a given, a rite of passage almost.
Obviously, your pubic-hair preferences are your decision, but with several ways and industries that cater to the trend of hair removal in the nether regions, the logical choice just seemed to keep it hair-free. However, times and preferences change. So, if you're thinking you're down with keeping it natural down there, but you just can't figure it out (warning: it can be a somewhat itchy process), we've got some tips to help you grow out your bush.