The One Thing To Look For When You're Buying Your Next Tote Bag

Photo: Courtesy of Clare V.
We are creatures of habit. That can be a good thing, if your habits include eating an apple a day or getting eight hours of sleep at night. Others, like not being able to leave home without a jam-packed purse, are not so great. Might not have time for lunch? Grab a granola bar. Feel a little sniffly? In go the tissues. Breaking in your new stilettos? Throw in some ballet flats so you don't stumble into the subway.
Despite our best efforts to edit down our belongings, we still have a shoulder bag for our essentials, a separate one for our laptop, and a clutch buried somewhere in there (in case any last-minute drink plans pop up). As much as we'd love to dust off our high school backpack, it just won't cut it. We need a true carry-all, one that will hold everything and anything we may need — and not burst at the seams.
The solution to our daily overpacking comes in the form of sturdy, versatile tote bags with certain key features to better contain our bad habits: leather shoulder straps, reinforced bottoms, and spacious interiors. We found 18 of these problem-solvers, with added features like zippers, clasps, and compartments to make our day-to-day a little easier and a lot more organized.

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