36 Birthday Ideas For Everyone You Know

Update: This post was originally published on March 10, 2015.

Every time you turn around, it’s someone’s birthday. This weekend, you've got that family get-together to celebrate your baby cousin’s first (you know, even though the tot won’t remember a thing). Next up, your former college roommate is turning the big 3-0. The list goes on. While it's tempting to give everyone — mom, grandpa, S.O. — the same item (i.e. a Starbucks gift card), we're sharing 36 way better presents in the name of keeping things creative. This could be to your benefit when the gifting tables are turned, too.
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A hat trick that nobunny can knock.
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Get the tot in your life started on the right foot.
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These reusable stickers — that can be safely stuck on walls, tables, or wherever else — are great for creative kiddos.
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This miniature swimsuit may actually be too adorable for words.
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You know childhood would have been a lot duller without a certain doctor in the mix. Pass it on to the next generation.

Dr. Suess's Beginner Book Collection, $29.96, available at Barnes & Noble.
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Because, as your brother keeps reminding you, your niece is a Mozart-level child prodigy.
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Kid's first track suit. Start 'em young.
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All-natural dough we can seriously get behind.
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An at-home neon-yellow or baby-blue manicure is pretty much a rite of passage for tweens.
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No sleepover is complete without a rad sleeping bag.
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Every experiment is more fun when you get to eat it at the end.
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An glow-in-the-dark Frisbee — need we say more?
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We suggest purchasing a helmet to go with this one.
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Crosley's portable AM/FM radio is also playlist-friendly. Add a selection of top songs from "back in your day," and enjoy a bit of gentle mocking from the teen in your life.
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For the stylish-beyond-her-years high school student.
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Hand down the important lesson that it's never too early to begin caring for one's skin. It's also fun and smells good.
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Decor cred for the dorm-bound.
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An under-$50 gift for the bud in your life.
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They have Mark Twain quotes on them; they're educational. Sort of.
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Perfect for walking to class, hitting the gym, and tuning out roommates.
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Be a good influence on your friend trying to get into yoga. But, make it cool with this Daniel Arsham mat.
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Give the gift of sun protection — and lewk.
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For your ridiculously reliable and consistent friend. See if they can handle writing in this every single day; the memories will be fun for both of you if they do.
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Another fun way to document birthday memories (or lack thereof…).
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Get your S.O. a sweet-looking bike, without entirely breaking the bank.
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A tough, weatherproof speaker for those upcoming outdoor soirees. There’s no harm in giving a gift you’ll get to use, too.
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Perfect when paired with plane tickets or a B & B reservation for a weekend away.
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A birthday is a good reason to splurge on a candle. Gift one that matches your perfume, so your sweetie thinks of you on every light.
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To remind Mom that she deserves some quality R & R.
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If you’re going to save anyone the hassle of knotted earbuds, it should be your parents.
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One stone for you, one stone for mom.
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Sometimes, the best gifts are written ones.
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Our grandparents deserve something sweet on their birthday, but instead of your go-to “grandpa candy” try a chocolate bar with a bit more cool factor.
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Chances are your grandpa still prefers cash, so this birthday, buy him a new money clip.
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Put your favorite picture of you and your grandparents in a frame that feels just as special and one-of-a-kind as they are to you.
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Upgrade her jewelry box with this irregularly shaped pearl necklace.

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