Here Comes That Sonic Pickle Juice Slushie You’ve Been Waiting For

Photo: Getty Images.
Summer may be a few months away, but it's not too early to start planning how you're going to cool off. And it's hard to think of a better time to relax with a refreshingly chill drink like a slush. Unusual drink flavors (like last year’s rosé favorites) have been explored before, but Sonic is preparing to take a salty twist on the trend with its latest flavor: pickle juice.
According to Food & Wine, the pickle-juice-as-a-beverage trend has taken off over the last few years. You can already find pickle juice in bars as a shot special or as a sports drink (you can even add pickles to ). It was only a matter of time before the flavor became available in slushie form, it seems. Sonic will release the pickle juice flavor as part of its menu, rolling out in June.
Contrary to what you might be expecting, the pickle juice flavor is could hit the spot if you want something that's going to be especially refreshing. The drink flavor is described by those who got a sneak peek (and taste) of the up-and-coming slush flavor said that it was "delicious”. And, yes, the drink itself is bright green. It was also said that it would make a good compliment to other summer favorites like corn dogs and tater tots, also available on the Sonic menu. That's quite a feat for a "pickle-flavored soft drink."
Another bonus if you're a fan of the drink: the pickle juice flavor will be available as a syrup that can be added to anything on the menu. You know, if a splash of pickle in your iced tea sounds delish.
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