Everything You Need To Have A Delightfully British Halloween

A teeny, tiny percentage of the population is born royal. A larger proportion of the population acts like they are royal. On Halloween, though, anyone can act like a royal (and not get flack for it). Whether you take your inspiration from The Crown or from the Queen and her corgis, the royal family has ample Halloween inspiration.
But dressing as the royal family is just skimming the surface of potential costumes inspired by good ol' Great Britain. After all, some of the best fandoms in the world are inspired by British TV — I’m talking about you, Doctor Who. Beyond dressing as a time-traveling alien, you can don the fashion of the ‘20s while being the Crawley sisters from Downton Abbey. Or, you can be the best cooking show judge of all time: Mary Berry.
Take a hop across the pond. Our British counterparts have a rich tapestry of TV shows and cultural moments to get inspiration from.
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Queen Elizabeth from The Crown, on vacation

Ah, to be young, carefree, and not yet the Queen. Elizabeth has a great time on a boat in Malta with Prince Phillip, and her outfit is pretty rocking.

First and foremost: Get yourself a floppy straw hat and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Wrap a square silk scarf around your neck. Then, tuck a white button-up shirt into a long tan skirt. You're all set for the classiest beach day ever.
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Princess Margaret from The Crown

Even when she's lovesick over her forbidden romance with Captain Peter Townsend, Princess Margaret remains a style icon. To capture this look, wear a trench coat, black gloves, sunglasses, and a teal silk scarf around your head. Carry an umbrella. Look forlorn.
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Queen Elizabeth from The Crown, on royal duty

How to be a Queen? That's the big Halloween question, and that's the question Queen Elizabeth II, played by Claire Foy in The Crown, asks herself every day.

This costume is perfect if you already have a pouffy prom dress on hand. Pair it with a faux fur stole, and long elbow gloves. Most important, of course, is the tiara.
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The Thirteenth Doctor from Doctor Who

A.k.a. the first female Doctor! Already, the Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, has her own look — and it involves quite a bit of gray. She wears a gray hoodie zip-up underneath a gray trench coat. Wear a blonde wig to seal the deal.
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Mary Berry from The Great British Bake Off

There has never been a TV show judge as delightful, or as pastel-clad, as Mary Berry. Wear as many florals as possible, and then a coat in a matching color. Don't forget the large pearl necklace and pink lipstick.
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The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

David Tennant's Tenth Doctor slinks around in a long brown trench coat, red Converse, and a blue suit. If you'd like, instead of wearing of a blue suit, wear a teal dress with a collared shirt popping out. Don't forget your sonic screwdriver.
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The Teletubbies

Never forget that the Teletubbies, those strange creatures with TVs for stomachs, are a British creation.

Teleubbies make for perhaps the easiest DIY costume. All four members of the group should wear uniform, monochrome outfits: One purple, one green, one yellow, one red. You can wear an oversized shirt and matching leggings, or a tank and skirt – whatever works. Then, attach a block of foil or duct tape to your stomach. Don't forget the headbands.
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The Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS from Doctor Who

The Doctor may love his string of human companions, but ultimately, his time machine is his truest companion. These cosplayers give the most creative (and stylish) way of dressing up as a police box that we've seen to date.
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Missy from Doctor Who

Missy is a villain, sure — but her purple-hued Edwardian suit is a delight. This Pinterest board will give you the ins and outs of creating your own Missy cosplay.
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The modern Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

The BBC's Sherlock series has put a 21st century twist on the classic Sherlock costumes. To be Holmes, just wear jeans and a cream sweater. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock also makes for a pretty easy costume, especially with this cosplayer's twist. As long as the black pea coat and blue scar are involved, it doesn't matter if you're wearing jeans or a miniskirt.
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Bill Potts from Doctor Who

This companion wears a jean jacket, a black-and-white T-shirt, and black jeans. Best of all, she has awesome, naturally curly hair. Put a bow in your hair to complete the look.
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Kate and Will stepping out with Prince George for the first time.

In her blue dress and necklace, Kate looked very put-together when she emerged from the hospital with George. This is a fun costume, especially since (much cheaper) replicas of Kate Middleton's ring is available. Kate wore a blue polka-dot, empire waist dress and white heels. Whoever's going to be Will can wear a blue button-up, tan slacks, and a makeshift sash that says to the whole world, "I am a prince." Finally, wrap a baby doll in a large white towel.
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The Royal Family and guards

Calling all big groups: Be the royal family and their guards for Halloween. The royal guard costumes are available online. For Queen Elizabeth, wear a classy, sleeved dress with long elbow gloves, and a simple evening bag. Tie a sash around your body. The Duchess of Cambridge can wear any dress, and a tiara.
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Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey

This is really just an excuse to dress in the sequins and drop waists of the '20s. This thorough DIY guide walks you through the process of creating an inexpensive, but historically authentic, early 20th Century costume. The elements of the costume should include a beaded shawl, a fur collar, satin gloves, strings of pearls, a cigarette holder, and some kind of long, lace, colorful dress. For extra, wear a tiara atop your pinned-back hair.
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