Where We Left Off With The Gladiators & Monsters Of Scandal

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Welcome to final lap of Scandal, fair Gladiators. The beginning of the end is finally here for the jewel in the Shondaland crown, as the primetime soap will kick off its seventh and final season on Thursday, October 5. Yes, really, the trials, tribulations, and wine bottles of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) are truly coming to an end.
As an ABC suds-fest with a side of political machinations, Scandal has gone through more storylines over six seasons than most series tackle in a decade. Last year alone saw a presidential assassination, drone warfare, a brand new shadowy, murder-y organization, and an alternative universe episode. Clearly, Scandal season 6 was a lot.
To help you jog your memory before season 7 debuts, we put together a gallery explaining where season 6 finale “Transfer Of Power” left D.C.'s Gladiators and monsters. Click through for the Olivia Pope & Associates (And Lovers) reminder even the most obsessed fan would need. Then, get the red wine and pop corn ready, because it's Scandal time.
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Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young)

Praise, Mellie Grant is finally the President Of The United States. It’s been a long road getting here — filled with viewers hating Mellie until viewers loved Mellie — but, here we are. As with all things Scandal, Mellie’s road to the White House was an impossible one, where she lost the general election, but then the President-Elect, Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) was murdered on election night.

Amid all the chaos that assassination wrought, Mellie was eventually elected by the Electoral College. Still, she couldn’t enjoy that news, as the shadowy organization behind Mellie’s political ascension metaphorically “captured” her and announced they would be in charge of her presidency. Enter lots of terrorism threats, bloody murders, and counter scheming on the part of Olivia Pope & Co. Eventually Team Scandal was able to rid themselves of the bad guys and let Mellie enter the White House free of any puppet masters (other than Liv).

Although everyone around Mellie is covered in blood, she gets her feminist-themed Oval Office, with posters celebrating the first woman to run for president, Suffragist Victoria C. Woodhull, and Eleanor Roosevelt portraits. All hail the chief, President Grant 2.0.
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Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn)

President Grant 1.0 got the White House exit we assume he has always wanted. He reinstated B613 and planned to lead Scandal's original shadowy spy organization himself… until he realized he didn’t want to do that at all.

So Fitz left the presidency on a helicopter headed to Vermont, which, all fans know, is his favorite state. Before President 44 could board his chopper, Olivia ran out out of the White House in dramatic rom-com fashion to passionately kiss Fitz in front of all the cameras. “It has been an honor, Mr. President,” Liv said, and we can all assume Fitz has since played that memory back in his head every day since.
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Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)

Jake has long acted as Olivia’s personal fixer, doing the dirty (read: bloody) work she can’t do in her all-white coats. However, by the end of season 6, these two went toe-to-toe when it came to violent political machinations. After Olivia realized Luna Vargas (Tessie Santiago) was the one who ordered Frankie’s assassination, and was somehow the mastermind behind all the madness of the sixth season, Liv and Jake figured out a way to get the murderer out of the White House.

Since Luna won’t go willingly, Jake and Liv forced the widow to commit suicide with two deadly pills. As Olivia explained why the medically-induced death was the best way to go, Jake loaded a silencer onto his gun to remind the veep what her other option would be. Once Luna popped the fatal pills, Jake agreed to watch Luna until she died. Towards the end of “Transfer Of Power,” we see Jake call Liv and confirm, “It’s done.” Uncomfortably, Luna’s limp body is crumpled behind Jake on the couch.

While it's not confirmed, Jake will probably keep being the head of the NSA into Mellie's administration.
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Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) & Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield)

Olivia Pope & Associates is no more. In its place is QPA, Quinn Perkins & Associates. In “Head Games,” Olivia hands over the entire business to Quinn since the original gladiator will no longer be able to lead the firm as White House chief of staff. By the end of the season, Quinn has slowly moved into Olivia’s old office, despite her discomfort over the change.

On top of that massive development, Quinn also announced she’s pregnant with her fiancée Charlie’s (George Newbern) baby. Quinn momentarily considered giving QPA to her longtime friend-turned-enemy-turned friend again Abby so the mom-to-be can leave D.C. — and semi-reformed murderous spy Charlie — to live a “normal” PTA life with her child. Abby, however, urges Quinn to stay so they can figure out the baby thing together. The former White House chief of staff also tells Quinn to hire her back at QPA so she can help Quinn. Now Abby can be the chief of staff there. “You want to have a baby? Let’s have a baby. Over a cliff,” Abby told Quinn, invoking the classic Gladiator mantra.

Quinn also told Charlie they’re going to have a baby, and the ex-ish spy was overcome with joy.
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Huck (Guillermo Díaz)

Poor Huck got barely any screentime in season finale “Transfer Of Power.” He does, however, pull up the footage that proves Luna Vargas was behind her husband’s assassination.

At least Huck’s brush with death — when his girlfriend Meg (Phoebe Neidhardt) turned out to actually be part of Luna's weird, evil shadow organization, shot him, stuffed him in a car’s trunk, drove that car off of a cliff, and left him for dead — eventually helped mend Liv and Fitz’s relationship. So, there is that?
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David Rosen (Joshua Malina)

We can all agree David tries to keep his white hat on. The attorney general is the one who drew up the papers to reinstate B613 for Fitz, although David didn’t realize the “budget thing” was so nefarious. When Liv interrogated the AG about the documents, he tried to stand his ground, telling her he couldn’t do such a thing. Obviously, newly-minted White House chief of staff Liv dressed him down, threatening to fire David if he didn’t spill the beans. So, spill the beans he did.

This is the last we see of David in the season 6 finale. But, we can all assume David will know exactly who’s boss during season 7 — and it’s decidedly not him.
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Rowan/Eli Pope (Joe Morton)

Rowan Pope, meet retirement. Olivia told her father he’s officially done with the spy game now that her candidate is president. But, at least Olivia offered Eli the prize of daughterly love, affection, and Sunday dinners in return for his compliance. “I want a father,” Liv told him. “But cross me again, and I will kill you.” Fun!

It looks like Rowan agreed to his daughter’s demands, as the season 7 trailer shows the parent-child pair enjoying dinner at the single restaurant they ever go to. Rowan doesn’t think Liv can have it all, but she disagrees, countering with a confident, “Watch me.”
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Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.)

Marcus is probably Mellie’s communications director. Mellie pushed for her former bae to get the White House promotion under her administration, but, Marcus mysteriously disappeared after this conversation took place in “Head Games.” Who knows where in the world Marcus Walker is?

Wherever he is, expect Mellie’s No. 1 crush to return in season 7, as he appears in tons of promotional photos. So, it’s safe to say he probably got that promotion — although it’s wildly unlikely he will ever get more screen time.
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Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry)

Guys, Cyrus was apparently behind the the entire Frankie assassination (by accident?). We know, that makes even less sense than the idea Luna Vargas funded and plotted the entire treasonous affair. Cyrus and Liv end the season drinking in front of the Abraham Lincoln memorial, and Cy parrots Luna’s exact defense of her murder scheme. “The President is far more powerful on the night he’s elected and the day he dies than any other point in his presidency. I’ve always believed that,” Cyrus rhapsodized. “And Luna with those blood stains on her dress? It’s like Jackie Kennedy in her pink Chanel suit. Put her in the Oval, and she’d be unstoppable.”

Did Cyrus plant the seeds of murder in Luna’s mind from the very beginning? Was it an accident? Will we ever really know? No one cares — let’s forget about Peus (David Warshofsky), Samantha (Zoe Perry), Luna, and the entire Frankie Vargas mess forever. Somehow, it led to the most circuitous route of Cyrus becoming Vice President, as Liv promises to make him at the close of “Power,” and that’s all that really matters.
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Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)

Olivia Pope has finally accepted her dark side. In the finale she forced a woman to commit that aforementioned suicide, promises to let Cyrus Beene back into the White House, and, in the pièce de résistance, is now the head of B613. Liv talked Fitz out of taking the job, intimidates her father into retirement, and tricks Mellie into signing the order to fund the spy organization by calling the budgetary addition “lunch money” for defense.

That explains why Liv has removed the white hat in all of the season 7 promotional photos. Olivia is now the most powerful person in the world. And what does megalomaniac, dark Liv think about that truth? “It feels right.”
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