David Beckham Building A Disney Castle Will Give You All The Feels

Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images.
David Beckham is still #DadGoals.
On Tuesday, Beckham shared a photo of himself building a Lego Disney Castle for his daughter, Harper. (Or, at least, we're guessing it's for Harper, given the ages of the Beckham kids β€”Β her older brothers would probably be comfortable trying their hands at building Lego sets themselves.)
"Page 1 of the Disney castle , 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I'm so excited πŸ€“πŸ™ˆπŸ˜†," Beckham captioned his Instagram post. The photo features him sitting on a pool chair and reading the directions β€” surrounded by literally thousands of tiny Lego bricks.
The proud papa recently shared a sweet photo of himself with Harper on his daughter's sixth birthday. "Happy Birthday to our special little young lady ...Such a special girl who brings so much joy and happiness into our lives.. Happy 6th birthday ( I can't believe your 6 already ) have the most amazing day we love you pretty lady x," Beckham wrote in the Instagram caption.
Of course, this is far from the first time Beckham's shared Instagram evidence of the sweet things he's done for his kids. In celebration of Mardi Gras earlier this year, Beckham shared a video of himself making homemade pancakes for his family.

Happy pancake day kids ( And Grown Ups ) #pancakeday @gordongram

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Pancakes and Lego castles? It sounds like every day with the Beckham family is a total blast. (The Armani towels and beautiful greenery surrounding the pool in the Lego photo don't hurt, either.) Hopefully, Beckham will share a photo of the finished product β€”Β I definitely want to see how the Disney castle comes together in the end.
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