Are All These Celeb News Apps Really Worth It? An Investigation

Celebrities seem to be banking on the fact that you'll pay to hear news straight from the horse's mouth. Official celebrity apps have started popping up one by one, always boasting a mix of free and premium content, the latter of which true fans can access for a monthly subscription. Sure, $2.99 a month sounds inconsequential, but times that by twelve, and add any other celebrities you're following, and you're suddenly paying a decent chunk a year for something not all that exclusive. After all, really important news is still reported by outlets for free online — so why pay extra?
Lindsay Lohan is the next in a string of celebrities to monetize their lives through a premium website or app. For $2.99 a month, Lohan fans have access to "secrets" and other content on her page on the site Preemium, and if I could be convinced that she'd hold up her end of the bargain, I'd absolutely pay $2.99 to find out what she's hiding. But since I've never once subscribed to a celebrity's app and still somehow know everything they're doing at all times, I'm not inclined to start now.
But this is just the beginning. We're all still figuring out what works and what does not in the world of social media, and I'm totally prepared to eat my words if they truly do end up becoming A Thing. As of right now, though, just a handful of celebrities have hopped aboard the app train, and ahead we've highlighted each and every one. What do they offer? What do they cost? And, can you believe of all people Jeremy Renner is on this list? Onward!
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Preemium & The IAm Lindsay Lohan App

If Lohan's new website wasn't enough, you can also follow along with her social media on one simple interface: the IAmLindsay Lohan app. Cut out the noise! Give the people what they really want: all Lindsay, all the time.

Website is $2.99 a month, app is available for free on iTunes.
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Kim Kardashian West Official App

This mix of free and premium content (which you can access with a little extra $$ — $2.99 a month, to be specific) is the handheld version of the star's equally successful website. There's "behind-the-scenes photo galleries, candid videos," and "personal journals" to name a few.

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Khloe Kardashian Official App

Guess what! Khloe Kardashian also has an app! It also features a $2.99-a-month optional subscription! It also promises "behind-the-scenes photo galleries, candid videos" and "personal journals!"

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Kourtney Kardashian Official App

Kourtney takes things in a wildly different direction—just kidding. This app is a $2.99 subscription with behind-the-scenes photo galleries, candid videos, and personal journals.

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Kylie Jenner Official App

You might think I'm just going to say the same thing again, but joke's on you, because Kylie's videos aren't "candid" — they're "fun."

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Kendall Jenner Official App

Do I even need to fill this one out? P.S., we're back to "candid."

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Jeremy Renner

Bet you weren't expecting this curveball! But it's true — Jeremy Renner has a news app with live updates, videos (no word on whether or not they're candid), and contests. And Superfans can pay $2.99 a month for exclusive content and a badge to decorate their avatars.

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Zendaya: The App

Zendaya's app promise a truly immersive experience, with live streams, "unfiltered" videos (read: candid!!!) and a radio station curated by the star herself. This one seems fun. Subscribers pay $2.99 a month.

Available for free on iTunes, $2.99 a month for the subscription.
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Madonna's app is totally free, and is home to music videos, pictures, her music, and news. No candid videos yet but fingers crossed she reads this article.

Available for free on iTunes.