Harry Potter Weddings Are Everywhere & These Photos Make Us Want One

We hear today is some kind of special day for Harry Potter fans. Yes, 20 years ago today the very first book in J.K. Rowling's series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (known as Philosopher's Stone in the U.K.), was published. Then came the movies, sequels, and, of course, themed weddings.
We've been seeing Harry Potter weddings and even proposals popping up for quite a few years now, but this summer the trend seems to have hit a fever pitch. Everywhere you look on Instagram, a couple has transformed a basic banquet hall into Hogwarts' Great Hall and taken their guests to a magical place full of flying broomsticks, golden snitches, and, of course, lots of butterbeer.
Ahead, we've rounded up a few of our favorite moments from these bewitching affairs.
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We incorporated a polyjuice "sand ceremony"for our #harrypotterwedding

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Wand vows.
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So in love with Charlottes dried bouquet, with a very familiar quote if you're a Harry Potter fan like me!

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Bouquets tagged "Always."
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It's just like being at Hogwarts!! #harrypotterwedding #harrypotter #wedding #hogwarts

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Just like Hogwarts.
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Mischief married #bridetobe #harrypotterwedding #potterhead #pottermore

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A mischievous bachelorette sash.
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One of Hermione's best quotes on a bridal-party gift.
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Harry Potter themed table names!

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Harry Potter-themed table names.
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More crazy-awesome cakes.
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A magical Maid of Honor proposal.
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