The Most Shocking Hookups In Pretty Little Liars History

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
Pretty Little Liars has filled our lives with murders, plots, schemes, and impossibly fashionable teens since 2010. Now that's all about to come to an close with upcoming series finale, "Til DeAth Do Us PArt." Now that the end of PLL is nigh, it's time to look back at the last seven seasons of Freeform's most addictive drama. And when you think about it, there have been far more shocking hookups than "As" over the years — and there have been a lot of "As."
Rosewood has seen surprisingly sweet romances, a few infidelities, and some criminally uncomfortable choices on Ezra Fitz's part. On top of that, one relationship veered far too close to incest territory. Seriously, how do people still live in this town?
Scroll through the gallery to see all the surprising hookups we're talking about. With all the fan-favorite Pretty Little Liars OTPs going strong as the series ends, we doubt it'll ever get any more jaw-dropping than these.
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Aria And Ezra

As Pretty Little Liars comes to an end, it’s old hat to see Ezria hook up. But, their first-ever encounter in the series premiere is still shocking to this day.

At the start of "Pilot," Aria meets a cute guy at a college bar and pretends to be an English major, as opposed to a high school student. Soon enough the pair are making out in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Aria realizes at school the next day her new English teacher and her latest hookup are one in the same.
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Toby And Spencer

When we first met Toby, he was the No. 1 pariah of Rosewood, as everyone believed he had blinded his stepsister Jenna (Tammin Sursok) by setting the family garage on fire. But, the future police officer didn’t end up injuring Jenna — it was the Liars, since the incident was actually caused by a "prank" gone wrong. Toby only took the fall for the accidental crime since Ali DiLaurentis, who came up with the original scheme, blackmailed him into doing it.

With this tangled backstory, who could believe Toby and Spencer would become a leading PLL OTP?
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Alison And Ezra

This hookup, revealed throughout season 4, is Earth-shattering for a few reasons. First of all, it reveals Alison dated Ezra long before Aria had even met her future fiancé. The pair met at a college bar and Ali pursued Ezra. She also saw him the night she disappeared.

Secondly, the bombshell forces Ezra to admit he know who Aria was when they first hooked up. That means he, an adult man, was aware the Liar was underage, but still started a sexual relationship with her anyway, all in the name of writing a true crime novel.
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Aria And Riley (Nick Roux)

In response to Ezra's disgusting betrayal, Aria hooks up with random guy named Riley during a college visit. After all this Ezria drama, she definitely deserves someone better than an anthropomorphized version of "Wonder Wall."
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Spencer And Marco Furey

When Spencer and Marco first hooked up in season 7A, the Liar was still technically with boyfriend Caleb Rivers (who’s now rightfully married to fellow Liar Hanna Marin). Spaleb’s relationship took weeks to implode, as Caleb’s old feelings for Hanna slowly returned. In "Hit and Run, Run, Run," Spencer tries to drown her sorrows with Marco, who’s new to Rosewood.

Soon enough, the duo is getting hot and heavy in an elevator until Spencer remembers she officially has a boyfriend and runs away. Two episodes later, Spencer and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) finally call their already-dead relationship over.
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Caleb And Spencer

While Spaleb’s demise was a shock to no one, their flirtation and eventual romance was a revelation after Caleb’s relationship with Hanna. It’s no surprise Spaleb's first make-out session in season 6B’s "The Gloves Are On" was an episode-closing cliffhanger.
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Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) And Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)

Considering all the shenanigans going on around Rosewood, should we be surprised Hanna’s mom had a one night stand with a Liar’s big brother? No, but that didn't keep our jaws from hitting the floor when their hook up was confirmed in season 5’s "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again." Especially since Ashley was still with future ex Ted Wilson (Edward Kerr) at the time.
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Jason DiLaurentis And CeCe Drake

This was only became a shock after the fact, when we learned CeCe was actually Mary Drake's secret child. That made Jason CeCe’s biological cousin and one-time adopted brother.

While nothing sexual happened between the couple, the relationship was still a mind-bending manipulation, as CeCe know about their true connection.