All Of The Biggest Questions We Have Going Into The Handmaid's Tale Finale

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale came at exactly the moment we needed it to. From the moment the Elisabeth Moss starrer premiered in April 2017, it held a mirror up to all the dark political implications of America's newest administration. And now season 1 is about to come to an end on Wednesday, June 14.
The TV adaptation follows Offred (Moss) — whom I prefer to call by her non-prisoner name, June — a woman trapped as a "handmaid" in the religiously fanatical Republic of Gilead. Because June can still bear children in a world where new births have all but stopped, she's routinely raped by Fred, a high-ranking commander in the government, in hopes of a pregnancy. All other handmaids are assaulted in the same way by their own assigned commanders.
This horrifying premise is how we enter Handmaid's Tale, but, over 10 episodes, the story has fallen down a rabbit hole of illicit relationships, surprise brothels, husbands coming back from the dead, and anti-government rebellions. After all of these twists, the series has a lot of big questions to answer with the upcoming finale, "Night," when it comes to June's life and the terrifying world she lives in. Scroll through the slideshow to find out everything we need to know before Handmaid's season 1 wraps.
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Where Is Emily (Alexis Bledel)?

The last time we saw Ofglen-Turned-Ofsteven — whose real name is Emily — she had just returned from her first terrible brush with the Republic of Gilead’s brutal regime. She was convicted of being a "gender traitor" and watched her loved hanged in the most visceral way possible. Yet, Emily was allowed to return to her life as a handmaid after undergoing the trauma of female circumcision.

Still, Emily can’t last even a full episode under Gilead’s control. In the middle of "Faithful," she steals a car and murders one guard before immediately being apprehended by Gilead’s authorities. She’s promptly dragged away, but not visibly harmed. Is Emily still alive? If she is, does that mean she’s now working somewhere at Jezebel's?
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What Will Happen To Janine (Madeline Brewer)?

Janine kidnapped her own daughter at the end of "The Bridge," and threatened to kill her to keep the little girl, whose name is Charlotte, from Gilead’s clutches. June talks her friend out of drowning the baby. But, Janine still ends up throwing herself into the freezing cold Charles River, aiming to commit suicide. Gilead ends up fishing Janine out of the water and hospitalizing her.

Janine should be untouchable after giving birth to a healthy child, but that may not be enough to save her now.
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Does Everyone Know Janine Was In Orange Is The New Black?

Because this a fact I did not realize until now. Janine’s portrayer Madeline Brewer also played Tricia Miller on OITNB. You’ll remember Tricia as the drug addict who overdoses in season 1 due to George "Pornstache" Mendez’s oxycontin smuggling scheme.

When Tricia dies from taking all of Pornstache’s illegal drugs, he hangs her to make the death look like a suicide.
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What’s Going On With The Resistance Package?

In "The Bridge," Moira (Samira Wiley) is terrified the package June is supposed to pick up is either a bomb or a deadly substance like Anthrax. Still, by episode’s end, Moria ends up getting her best friend the mystery bundle.

Now the big question is, what on Earth is it?
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How Did Fred & Serena Joy Meet?

In "A Woman's Place," viewers get to see the Waterfords as a very in love couple who can’t wait to tear each other’s clothing off. Now, how did they get there? My personal headcanon is the pair met at a religious university and married right out of college. My colleague and R29’s Handmaid’s recapper Anne Cohen theorizes Fred may have been one of Serena’s fanboys during her time as a famous "domestic feminist."

What’s the truth, Handmaid’s Tale, what’s the truth?
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Who Was Aunt Lydia Before Gilead?

While Serena and Fred’s pasts have a touch of mystery, we have absolutely no idea who Aunt Lydia was before she was Aunt Lydia. It’s obvious she was probably one of those people who protested family planning clinics, but maybe her past is far more surprising.

Who would have guessed Serena was an activist and author, after all?
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What Are Wives Allowed To Do During The Day, Other Than "Ceremonies," Gardening, And Plotting?

These are the only activities Serena is seemingly allowed to partake in, along with visiting her mother, waiting for Fred to pay any attention to her, and being passive aggressive to her frenemies. Since Serena can’t read and has servants to do all of her house work, what does she actually do all day?

Can she even watch television, or is that too close to reading? If she can’t watch television, can she listen to the radio? Is a Bible audiobook off limits too?

And, while we’re at it, what is the Biblical significance behind their green uniforms?
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What’s Going On With Gilead Outside Of What We See In Handmaid’s Tale?

First of all, does the Republic actually have a president? When the Mexican ambassador visits, she spends most of her time with Fred, whose exact job is still a mystery. But, it’s pretty clear he’s not the absolute leader of Gilead. So, who is? Or is the rebellious government actually led committee-style as it seems?

On top of that, it’s unclear how exactly the regime runs outside of the Boston area, which seems to be the capital. Since Gilead reportedly rules all of what used to be America save for a few states, how does this very complicated society work outside of its center of power?
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Are Tourists Allowed Into Hulu’s Version Of Gilead?

In Handmaid’s Tale the novel, Offred runs into a group of tourists and is shocked to remember what woman could look like before Gilead. All the makeup and high heels and revealing clothing is too much for her. Are general tourists allowed to make similar trips to Gilead in this TV version? So far, we haven’t seen one.
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Who Was June’s First Commander?

June’s first commander is mentioned often, but we’ve never seen (knowingly) him. Is he one of Fred’s Gilead colleagues or is he a completely new, powerful person? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the ultimate leader of the so-called republic.

While this man’s identity remains a question mark, let’s hope the reveal ends up being a huge twist in the already-promised Handmaid’s Tale season 2.