All The Best Orphan Black Theories You Need To Read

Earlier this week, I said few shows lend themselves to rampant fan theorizing more than Twin Peaks. Then I remembered Orphan Black exists. The cult-favorite sci-fi series returns Saturday, June 10, and it deserves just as much wild obsession as David Lynch’s brainchild does.
The BBC America drama follows a group of clones (all played by the dazzling Tatiana Maslany), who are trying to figure out why they were created as part of a series of illegal experiments. Of course, multiple groups are interested in the sister clones for nefarious and murderous reasons. Now, the twisty story is set to end with its upcoming season 5.
With all of this craziness going on around the clone club, we found all the most mind-blowing, must-read theories ahead of Orphan Black’s finale season. Scroll through the gallery to find out all the Internet speculation on the BBCA series. You’ll never look at it the same again.
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What’s Up With Kira’s Dream?

One of the creepiest moments of season 4 came in "The Stigmata of Progress" when Sarah Manning’s young daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) announces she had a very disturbing vision. "I was dreaming, all the aunties were there, you set mom on fire," she tells Cosima. “You had to, she was changing." It’s season 5’s job to explain just what Kira was actually seeing.

"I think [Sarah] gets captured on the island and Westmoorland/Rachel do something to her that causes this [change] when she gets out," @Cyclops75 guesses.
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What Did M.K. Do With Her Stolen Money?

In season 4’s "The Redesign of Natural Objects," clone M.K. (Maslany, of course) hints she’s invested the money stolen from Ferdinand Chevalier (James Frain) well.

"It's a LOT of money, and MK doesn't strike me as someone to really act on impulse," one Redditor explains. "I suspect she planned long in advance what to spend the money on … For the moment I'm going with protection for herself, hiding places, weapons, [or] maybe computers?"
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Will Rachel Die?

In this roundup of Orphan Black finale season theories, one big question floating around is who Redditors think will die before the series ends. Nearly everyone agrees the traitorous clone needs to bite the big one this year.

"I would happy if she met a sticky demise at the hand of Sarah, Delphine, or even Alison," writes @Mika_Niehaus. "Helena will probably be the one but I feel she's had enough of the bad guys like someone else said on here."
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We We Actually See Cosima Die Instead?

Although everyone is rooting for Rachel’s demise, it’s pretty likely fans will lose someone they actually care about in season 5. One Internet denizen makes a pretty valid point about Cosima possibly being that casualty.

"I think there is still a big chance that Cosima will die," @Dimplemeier speculates. "Purely because everyone keeps holding onto the fact that she will find the cure — and even at the end of Season 4 when Delphine is going to fix her secretly...I still have the feeling that she is too far gone and will decide to die so then they can use her for more testing."

We’ll get the tissues now, in case this theory ends up being true.
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Or, Will Cosima And Delphine Die

Everyone is really trying to find a poetic way to predict Cosima’s death. Another Redditor believes star-crossed lovers Cosima and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) will die together, after dodging the Grim Reaper separately throughout Orphan Black.

"While others might take this as Cosima and Delphine refusing to die because of their determination to be together, that it might be set up that they can't die UNLESS THEY ARE TOGETHER," @XGrlGamerX writes. "Meaning that the Grim Reaper has been waiting to take them, but they refuse to do so unless they go together."

Fingers crossed this doesn’t pan out. Isn’t the #BuryYourGays trope so tired by now?