What To Expect From Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly

Photo: Brian Doben/NBC.
America, are you ready for Megyn Kelly to make the move from conservative cable news queen to national broadcast anchor? I hope so, because it's happening whether you're prepared or not. The former FOX News staple will premiere her NBC news magazine Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly this weekend. The brand new show debuts on Sunday, June 4, at 7 p.m.
The series is being heralded as a huge departure from Kelly's cable past which already seems to be right on the money. Not only is the longtime journalist about to play to a much wider national audience, but her colleagues are now the Matt Lauer and Lester Holts of the world, as opposed to the likes of Tucker Carlson and the disgraced Bill O'Reilly. Of course things are about to change.
To fill you in on just how much things are about to get shaken up for Kelly, we gathered everything you need to know about Sunday Night. Scroll through the gallery to get all the details on the brand new show — you'll never believe who her first major interview will be with.
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Vladimir Putin

Someone needs to get to the bottom of President Donald Trumps oft-rumored ties to Russia and it seems Megyn Kelly is the woman for the job. Sunday Night will kick off with an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

If you’re wondering how Kelly scored his journalistic boon, the ex-FOX News mainstay is moderating a Q&A at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum today, June 2, which includes President Putin. Kelly confirmed via Twitter she and the former KGB officer will chat one-on-one afterwards for an exclusive Sunday Night premiere interview.
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Alex Jones

President Putin isn't the only controversial figure Kelly has secured an interview with for her news magazine. The new NBC star will interview Alex Jones for an upcoming episode, at least according to the legally-mired Infowars screamer. Jones claims he’ll chat with Kelly next week for Sunday Night, although the show still hasn’t commented on the rumor.
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Animal Activism

When the Sunday Night team isn’t talking to political lightning rods, they’ll be exploring feature stories and traveling the world. The first of such projects will bow in the premiere, as correspondent Harry Smith heads to Kenya to report on endeavors to end elephant poaching in Africa.

The reporter spent two weeks in the country to get to the bottom of the story. One of the people we’ll see in Smith’s report is a 20-year military veteran named Colonel Faye Cuevas, who’s now the chief of staff at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Thankfully, we’ll also find out how local Kenyans are working to save the at-risk animals.
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Some Metaphorical “Romance”

With Sunday Night, Kelly is leading a newsmagazine on a major broadcast network, as opposed to a cable news show on a right-leaning network run by a conservative family. That means stories like the upcoming elephant protection feature will not be a rarity this time around.

“This is long-form journalism. This is going to have big interviews and investigations, all with some heart and humility,” the journalist tells Variety. “When I was on FOX News, on cable, you really had to get up and down on the news. There’s not a lot of time for romance.”
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Absolutely No 60 Minutes Vibes

Although Sunday Night is in the same time slot as CBS’s 60 Minutes, it doesn’t sound like the woman-led series will be your great-grandparents’ newsmagazine.

“There is no question 60 Minutes is iconic, but we are not trying to be 60 Minutes,” Kelly also tells Variety. “We are going to do something a little different from 60 Minutes, with all due respect to them. I think it’s going to be a little more cutting edge.”

Let’s hope she’s telling the truth.