Excuse Me But Why Is Kylie Jenner In Peru?

Photo: Marion Curtis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Kylie Jenner is in a very unexpected location right now. No, she's not in Wyoming with Kanye West — she's in Peru with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, her assistant, Victoria Villarroel, and her mom, Kris Jenner. That's not a typical Jenner location at all. But the 19-year-old is there for a good reason: she's visiting the Delgado Clinic in Lima with the charity, Smile Train, a non-profit for children needing corrective oral and facial surgery in developing countries. The reality star met with children with cleft lips and cleft palates who were in recovery following their surgeries, which were paid for in part by sales from Jenner's popular lip kits. PEOPLE shared pictures of Jenner with the children and their families. Jenner created a special shade of pink lipstick, called "Smile," and donated all of the proceeds to the foundation to fund the surgeries.
But when the social media savvy reality star was not meeting families associated with the foundation, she was off exploring Lima and all the country had to offer. Or rather, she was hanging out with alpacas, getting extra oxygen to acclimate herself to the altitude, and taking lots of selfies. You can take the girl outta Calabasas, but you can't take the Calabasas outta the girl. So, if your curious about how a Jenner spends her time in Lima, let's go through her best social media moments.
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Photo: Via Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzl).
When you're at a higher altitude, you have to get that oxygen flowing overtime, which means oxygen masks all around.
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Photo: Via Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzl).
Then, you really need to blend in with the locals. And bring your own security personnel. Okay, and pose with an alpaca who looks like he's having a midlife crisis.
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Photo: Via Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzl).
For the first time in a long time, I guarantee this girl did not ask Jenner for a selfie. Or even know who she is.
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Photo: Via Snapchat (@kylizzlemynizzl).
Even though you're in a more rustic area, never ever skip the lip kit. Always stay on-brand.
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