All The Strange Ways Ramona Has Insulted People (And Dogs) On RHONY This Season

Photo: Heidi Gutman/Bravo.
Loyal Real Housewives Of New York viewers, I’m worried about a certain Miss Ramona Singer. Over the last six episodes of RHONY, the pinot grigio fan has fought with nearly every single one of her cast members, with rollercoaster levels of coherence. No one could ignore Ramona’s antics in season 9’s "Wishful Invitation" as she dragged LuAnn Delesseps’s wedding right to her face and made Bethenny Frankel so uncomfortable she bolted for the door.
That’s when I realized Ramona has been insulting her fellow RHONY stars since premiere episode "Talk Of The Town." That installment ended with — you guessed it — Ramona dissing LuAnn’s upcoming wedding. Things have only gone down from there.
As a diligent journalist in search of the truth, I went through all the many confusing ways the Turtle Timer has insulted her friends, their dogs, and possibly babies in season 9. Scroll through the gallery to see all the most awkward moments. You’ll probably need a glass of pinot by the end.
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When Ramona Brought Up Bethenny’s Daughter

Of course, this is Ramona biggest, strangest insult of the season. In episode 3, "A New Low," Ramona tells Bethenny she’s "in the press now being naked" and asked if anyone has told her daughter Bryn about it. She also repeatedly says Bethenny did pornography, despite the Skinnygirl mogul’s frank explanation she was in a cheesy B-movie.

While Ramona keeps telling everyone and their mom she was attempting to have a simple conversation with Bethenny about parenting, Bryn’s mom realized she was obviously being shamed and her young daughter was being pulled into it.
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When Ramona Told Bethenny She Was "Weird"

In "Wishful," Ramona attempts to talk to Bethenny about their "New Low" blowout. However, Bethenny has no interest in the conversation and announces she’s going to exit it.

Ramona responds by saying, "You know what, you’re really weird. You’re like really strange," and cackling. As Bethenny leaves, Ramona pops up and screams, "She doesn’t like the way I ‘talk to her’" while using air quotations. Everything is uncomfortable.
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When Ramona Called Bethenny A "Wild Dog" Behind Her Back

The moment Bethenny actually gets out of the restaurant, Ramona yells, "Bethenny is like a wild dog sometimes. You never know where she’s gonna [go] with her mouth."

Poor Carole Radziwill is trapped in the middle of this.
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When Ramona Insinuated You Can Kick Babies

Ramona’s "wild dog" comment is all the more worrisome when you realize she defended kicking actual dogs at the start of the season. In episode 2, “It Girl, Interrupted,” Ramona meets Bethenny’s new dogs for the first time.

Bethenny begs her "friend" to remove her heels before walking through where her pups are, but Ramona refuses and ends up kicking the dog with the "side of [her] shoe." She justifies ignoring Bethenny’s pertinent request by saying, "You’re being overprotective. Dogs are resilient like babies."

Does that mean you shouldn’t tell people not to kick babies either?
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When Ramona Told LuAnn People Were Taking Bets On Her Wedding

Ramona is desperate for an invitation to LuAnn’s wedding, despite the fact she doesn’t actually want to go, and says as much. That is odd on its own, but things escalate when LuAnn refuses to acquiesce and give her co-star — who previously dated her husband to be, Tom D'agostino — an invite.

So, Ramona shouts, "I want you to know people are still taking bets on if the wedding will be on or not." Ah, yes, these are exactly the kind of "drama-free" comments LuAnn is looking for on her big day.
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When Ramona Insulted LuAnn’s Wedding

This is how Ramona decided to open up the season. LuAnn finds out Ramona has been talking to multiple people about Tom’s alleged infidelities. It makes sense people are suspicious of the future D'agostinos viability, but Ramona should at least be polite to her friend.

"Bottom line is, I’m happy you're happy. You can turn a blind eye, ‘cause you already have, to the girl and the other girl. I don’t know if you’re so strong," she tells LuAnn. "I toast to your marriage. I hope you don’t fall on your face with him."

And she’s surprised she didn’t get an invite to the wedding.