You Won't Believe What These 13 Reasons Why Actors Used To Look Like

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It's been one month since 13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix — and we'd beg to argue that, in a lot of ways, it has hit us harder than Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement. We can't imagine what we binge-watched before it, and are completely infatuated with the entire cast. The matching tattoos, the sweet friendship stories, the bestie spa nights — we're invested in every moment. And since we don't know if there will be a season two, you can bet we'll be spending the next few weeks reminiscing on the show.
If you, too, have wondered where these actors came from (and how in the hell you lived without them for so long), we've got you. We dug into the depths of the internet and found out that some of our characters have actually been in Hollywood for quite some time. But how haven't we noticed? Let's just say they've had quite the growth spurt. Yes, you missed Clay on your TV screens, once upon a time — and Alex, Sheri, and even Skye.
Click ahead to check out the beauty transformations of some of our favorite 13 Reasons Why cast.
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Miles Heizer

We thought we recognized the actor from Parenthood, but we had no idea he was a total Hollywood vet.
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He's since ditched the long hair, but is still best friends and roommates with his old co-star.
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Dylan Minnette

Before we knew him as Clay Jensen, the teen who loves hoodies and long bike rides, he played a patient on Grey's Anatomy.
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Nowadays, he's all grown up and in a badass band — even Kylie Jenner can't resist him.
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Sosia Bacon

Yep, that's Clay's old best friend with Kevin Bacon — she's his daughter.
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Talk about a transformation. IRL, Bacon is far from her grunge character Skye — she has zero neck tattoos in sight.
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Ajiona Alexus

Back in 2012, Alexus was still rocking the red carpet for her sitcom The Rickey Smiley Show.
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Now, the star has grown into her own and boasts some of the best hairstyles we've seen.
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