9 Movie Easter Eggs You'll Miss If You Blink

With Easter just around the corner, lots of kids are gearing up to rummage in their backyards for small plastic eggs. As their furious excitement proves, there’s nothing quite like a treasure hunt.
Some movie directors tend to agree, infusing their films with precious hidden Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans to discover. The eggs in question, though, aren’t pastel-colored toys with Hershey kisses inside. Instead, they’re small inside jokes, references, and winks for the hyper-vigilant viewer.
We bet you probably waltzed past some of these in your movie-watching stupor. Once you become aware of the magic of movie Easter eggs, though, you’ll be searching for them everywhere.
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1. Toy Story has references to The Shining.

Take a good look at this carpet. Does it infuse you with a particular sense of dread?

Well, given that it's the same pattern as the carpet in The Shining's Overlook Hotel, maybe it should.

Another subtle reference to The Shining in the Toy Story franchise comes in the number 237, scattered recurrently in Toy Story's throwaway shots. Woody chats with someone named "Velocistar237," and a garbage truck with the license plate number RM237 drives by. These are all references to The Shining's hyper-haunted room 237.
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2. Characters in The Departed are marked for doom.

Each time an X appears behind a character in Martin Scorsese's mafia film, it means something terrible is about to happen to that specific character. The symbol recurs dozens of times throughout the film, but it's especially obvious in the elevator scene at the end of the movie, when a masking tape X is plastered to the wall behind Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio), or when the windows that Captain Queenan's (Martin Sheen) falls through to this death have, you guessed it, X's on them.

Scorsese stole the idea from the 1932 Scarface, in which an X appears each time a murder is about to go down.
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3. The Pixar universe is connected...by pizza.

From Andy's suburb in Toy Story to medieval Scotland in Brave, there's nowhere the Pizza Planet delivery service can't go. The yellow Pizza Plant truck first appeared in Toy Story (1995), and has since appeared in every other Pixar film.
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4. Fight Club is as crazy about Starbucks as you are.

Sometimes, it seems there's a Starbucks on practically every street corner. David Fincher made fun of Starbucks' ubiquitousness by placing the signature green cup in every shot of Fight Club (1999).

As Fincher explained in an interview with Empire, "We had a lot of fun using that — there are Starbucks cups everywhere, in every shot ... I don’t have anything personal against Starbucks. I think they’re trying to do a good thing. They’re just too successful."
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5. We found Waldo in Apocalypto.

What's the overlap between a gory movie about the fall of Mayan civilization, and a children's book phenomenon?

While the camera is panning over a sea of dead bodies, director Mel Gibson jarringly broke the grim mood by cutting to Waldo nestled among the dead.
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6. The mall name changes in Back to the Future.

Hold tight, cause things are about to get timey-wimey. At the start of Back to the Future, Doc Brown and Marty McFly meet at the Twin Pines mall to go back in time to the year 1955. Doc and Marty land on a ranch called Two Pines, named for its two pines (duh).

But when McFly has to escape from the ranch owner, he knocks over one of the two pines. When he returns to the future to prevent Doc Brown from dying, the mall's name is now Lone Pine.
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7. The Marauder's Map has a sex scene.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban may be PG, but the end credits contain a wink for all the adults in the audience. As the Marauder's Map progresses, we see one foot trail merge when another, representing an embrace.

The end credits are teeming with other Easter eggs, though none as racy. Watch out for footprints that turn into animal prints, or Latin text that makes up the map's walls.
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8. Elsa has a star-studded coronation.

At the end of Frozen, who shows up to Elsa's crowning but Rapunzel and her beau, Flynn Rider? Their cameo ties in nicely with a grander Disney conspiracy theory that connects Frozen, Tarzan, and Tangled together.
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9. Frank Abagnale puts himself in jail.

Catch Me If You Can is the unlikely true story of a check forger so skillful that the FBI hires him. Leonardo DiCaprio played Frank Abagnale Jr., the forger at the heart of the story. When Frank's scheme finally gets busted in France, guess who plays the cop? Frank Abagnale, Jr. himself.