Who Killed Wes On How To Get Away With Murder?

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After the How To Get Away With Murder midseason finale, it wasn't immediately clear whether or not Wes (Alfred Enoch) was murdered. Sure, we had our assumptions — and the title of the show — but really, who would want to kill our favorite puppy-dog? Now, we officially know someone killed Wes. But who?

If last week's episode is any indication, Wes died before the fire, not during it. That means the D.A.'s report that Wes died from asphyxiation is pretty suspicious. But since Wes' body was cremated, a second autopsy's not exactly possible.

Could Nate (Billy Brown) have had something to do with Wes' death? It's not clear why Nate was checking in on Wes' body and relaying the news to Annalise (Viola Davis) if he wasn't involved. And it would be a great twist for perennially good-guy Nate to end up being one of the show's major villains. It seems less likely that Nate was involved now that he's talking to Annalise again, and we know the D.A. forged his signature on the transfer form, but we're not ruling anything out.

How to Get Away with Murder
loves to leave us hanging — and if Wes' shocking death was any indication, nothing is certain on this show. Click through to see our best guesses about how he really died.

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Photo: ABC/Nicole Wilder.
Did Bonnie kill Wes?
We thought Wes died without knowing that Bonnie (Liza Weil) killed Rebecca. But what if Wes found out the truth — and it led to a confrontation that resulted in his murder? We know Bonnie can kill when she has to, although it's hard to imagine her doing this to Annalise.
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Does Connor have something to do with Wes' death?
Connor has gone through a lot this season, but the fact that he lied to Oliver about his whereabouts that night is pretty suspicious. Connor was using Oliver's ex as an alibi — and last week, we found out why. In a flashback, Connor's hovering over Wes' dead body in a futile attempt to save him, but what if Connor's the reason Wes is lying there in the first place?

Connor did threaten Wes shortly before his death, suggesting the rest of the Keating Five should stop defending him, so it's not impossible that he was involved.
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Did Charles Mahoney kill Wes?
After Wes lied about seeing Charles (Wilson Bethel) at the scene of their father's murder, Charles is definitely not happy about being wrongfully imprisoned. If he figured out a way to kill Wes, it wouldn't be a surprise if he actually did it.
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Did Nate kill Wes?
The scene when Nate walked in to gaze upon Wes' dead body was, frankly, chilling. After watching Annalise torture Nate repeatedly, could this finally be his revenge on her and her students? Nate has always been a bit of a pushover, so turning him into the show's ultimate villain would be a surprising (if not depressing) twist.

Unfortunately, the last few episodes have made Nate look more like the good guy we know and less like a cold-blooded killer. The D.A. is out to get him, and he's still there for Annalise, at least sort of. It looks likely that Nate left the Keating house before the fire started.
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Could Michaela have something to do with Wes' death?
Okay, we don't have a lot of reasons why Michaela (Aja Naomi King) would want Wes dead. But we're not ruling any of Wes' classmates out. Michaela was with her mom the night Wes died, but her mom is apparently out of the picture now, on a one-way plane to who knows where. Could Michaela have asked her to cover something up?
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Did Asher kill Wes?
We don't have a lot of reasons why Asher (Matt McGorry) would want to see Wes dead. Asher attacked Connor (Jack Falahee) for suggesting Laurel should abort Wes' baby. And he often seems like the only member of the remaining Keating Four to care about Wes.

But Shondaland shows love to mess with us. Asher was on the sidelines for a lot of the Keating Five-related storylines — and this would definitely connect him more with the others. Plus, we know Asher's capable of murder, as we saw with Emily Sinclair.
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Did Frank kill Wes?
When Frank (Charlie Weber) returned to Philadelphia, he was in a pretty troubled state. He threatened to kill himself — and Annalise told him to pull the trigger. Frank also didn't seem very on board with the fact that Wes was dating Laurel (Karla Souza), so it's not out of the question that he'd get into a fight with Wes.

But after Frank lied to the police about driving Wes to the Keating home — we saw Wes get back out of Frank's car in a flashback — his confession seems more and more likely to be untrue. Frank is trying to get back into Annalise's good graces, and killing Wes wouldn't incur favor with her. And Frank's desire to come back to Annalise seems stronger than his jealousy of Wes and Laurel's relationship.

Plus, if Frank killed Wes outside the Keating house, what motive would there be for him (or Nate) to move Wes' body? And if Frank killed him inside the house, why didn't he get burned in the fire? Are Nate and Frank secretly working together?
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Did a fight with Laurel lead to Wes' death?
We know Laurel was hurt on the night of the fire, and this would explain why she was burned in the flames. Wes could have fallen over the staircase during the argument (before the fire took place), and Laurel doesn't remember the traumatic fight.
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Did Oliver kill Wes?
I was coming around to the possibility of a sinister Oliver after reading our commenters' feedback last week. Like Nate, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) is a "good guy" in the show, and having him turn into a murderer would be quite a twist. And it'd be a believable one, for someone who's worked for Annalise Keating.

But Oliver can't be that good of a liar to act surprised to discover Connor was at the Keating house the night of the fire. If he was going to drastic means to protect Connor from jail — he did recently piece together the details of Sam's death — he wouldn't be keeping it a secret from Connor. (Or would he?)
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Did Wes kill himself?
After Wes spent his life dealing with the aftermath of his mother's suicide, it's too sad to consider the possibility that he suffered the same fate. But with all of the pressure from the Mahoney case and Sam's death, it's not out of the question that Wes would, sadly, choose to end his life.
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Did Sam's sister set out to take the house back — and accidentally kill Wes in the process?
We know from Nate's conversation with Annalise that Wes was dead before the fire. But what if it was started just to cover up Wes' murder? Redditors SixthK5 and Kellivision have pointed out that Sam's sister, Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) could have something to do with the fire. After all, it's technically Sam's house that Annalise just inherited. And now that we know Annalise drunk-called Hannah that night, the possibility of her involvement seems even more likely.

What if Hannah went to the Keating residence, found Wes instead of Annalise, and accidentally pushed him over the staircase? (Hey, anything is possible on this show.) She could have started the fire to cover her tracks.
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Did Meggy kill Wes?
Again, this seems like a stretch. But why is her character still around, bothering Laurel at the hospital? What is she up to?
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Did Simon kill Wes?
It's still not clear what the point of adding Simon (Behzad Dabu) into the mix was, other than to create a culprit for the "killer" posters and to show what bad students the Keating Five are. Maybe Simon's really had it with being second-best to them — and offed Wes to show them that he means business. If it were Simon, though, he probably wouldn't have been brazen enough to show up at Wes' funeral.
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Was Annalise's mother involved?
It seems pretty unlikely that Ophelia (Cicely Tyson) actually started the Keating house fire. But in a scene from Thursday's episode, we see her tell Annalise that she'll confess to starting the Keating house fire.

We thought Ophelia was volunteering to lie in order to save her daughter, but the truth is even sadder. It turns out she has dementia and is confusing this fire with one she started to kill Annalise's rapist (who was also her uncle).

So, no, she doesn't appear to have been involved in the fire or in Wes' death — but her return has added another level of sadness to this season.
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