The Absolute Best Election Day Outfits We've Seen On Instagram

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.
After what felt like the longest presidential campaign in history, Election Day is finally here. And though today is all about hitting the polls, it also serves as the finale of another spectacle we’ve been tuning into: the never-ending parade of campaign merch. We’ve followed this fashionable trail from the conventions up to the final hours — and, according to social media, everyone got the memo to wear their vote loud and proud.

A head-to-toe power outfit was the ensemble of choice for those feeling like Hillz at the polls. Ivanka Trump, who was presumably voting to “Make America Great Again,” ironically donned suffragette white to cast her ballot. (Clinton wore the hue for two major campaign events, and some HRC fans wore white to the polls today to support her.)

Much of the electorate rocked more traditional campaign paraphernalia — although we did spot some amazing (although most likely unsanctioned) #ImWithHer tees we hadn’t seen until now. And while we can’t blame these in-vogue voters for saving their best shirts for last, we kind of wish we had time to steal their looks. Luckily, there's still time to get some seriously topical outfit inspiration before the polls close. (To make sure your election night goes off without a hitch, though: Check first to see if your state allows campaign swag in the voting booth.)

Check out some of the best Election Day #OOTDs, from celebrities and political relatives to members of the fashion flock and more, ahead.
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Photo via @taylorswift.
Unlike the rest of the country, Taylor Swift has been pretty quiet throughout the election cycle. When she posted the obligatory #IVoted selfie, though, the internet quickly started reading way too much into her open-shoulder sweater — or did it?
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Photo: Via @a_malt.
How awkward (read: awesome) when all your coworkers show up in the same outfit.
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Photo via @pfpicardi.
A few of our favorite pro-HRC shirts, all in one excellent shot.
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Photo via @badgalriri.
So delightfully meta.
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Photo via @dresshirt.
Definitely not a pussy bow.
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Photo via @ivankatrump.
Even Ivanka Trump is wearing suffragette white.
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Photo via @aphickson.
This should really be in the running for Oxford Dictionary's word — or phrase? — of the year.
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Photo via @tazreen220.
A natural progression.
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Photo via @victoriatomk.
When you've exercised your right to vote and you just want to do high-kicks all over your office.
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Photo via @jesseellison.
The pantsuit squad rolls deep.
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Photo via @janetmock.
On November 8, the most sought-after accessory is definitely an "I Voted" sticker.
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Photo via @alyssainthecity.
We woke up like this.
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Photo via @jenmayhew.
Okay, so who else is keeping a tally of all the white pantsuits spotted across the nation today?
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Photo via @chesire16.
...Not only do they (read: we) vote, but word on the street is they get shit done.
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Photo via @ChelseaClinton.
Wonder who Chelsea is voting for.
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Photo via @becomingjolie.
Next-generation pantsuit-wearer?
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Both stylist and celebrity client got the outfit memo.
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Photo via @nicolettemason.
Making an election-day case for millennial pink.
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Photo via @zoe.kazan.
A symbolic sweater, with a much more literal graphic T-shirt.
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Photo via @designerti.
We'll make an educated guess and say this was the most-posted #OOTD today.
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Photo via @ladygaga.
This election cycle has had us clutching our pearls... Luckily, the end is nigh.
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Photo via @amg_onthego.
Swing states, show your pride.
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Photo via @aminatou.
A floral print adds some much-needed brightness to a grim election.
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Photo via @shannboogie.
Let's not forget Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for president — back in the '70s.
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Photo via @lostncheeseland.
Baja East's Clinton T-shirts were quite a hit on Election Day.
26 of 40 was Tanya Taylor's.
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Matching your cookie to your top? That's next-level accessorizing right there.
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Photo via @conconwang.
Because voting (and dressing fittingly for the occasion) is number one.
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Photo via @amyemmerich.
When the whole family suits up, there's fun to be had by all.
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Photo via @danaigurira.
Didn't you hear?
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Photo via @sarahspagnolo.
A "red power" pantsuit really hammers the message home — just ask Hillary Clinton.
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Photo via @woozinowski.
Oh, Miss Jackson.
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Photo via @pepperknit.
When you're business-casual, but also a nasty woman.
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Photo via @jazzy_joness.
Clinton is probably feeling the force today.
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Photo: Via @tiffanyshlain.
Gotta get the whole suit in the shot.
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Photo via @derbw.
We're looking forward to this upcoming tour.
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Photo via @drewbarrymore.
Drew Barrymore wrote on this site about why she will never again miss the chance to vote — and she meant it!
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Photo via @brookeginnard.
Flower power times pantsuit power equals... Whoa.
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Photo via @nikkiogun.
Do we think Hillary owns this shirt, too?
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Photo via @AnnaKendrick47.
Say it loud, say it proud.