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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A Certified Woke Bae

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It's important to keep up with notable woke baes. Who knows when they'll pop up in a celebrity-themed game of Would You Rather?

Just in case you need a quick woke-bae refresher, the qualifier is defined as someone who's super hot, super smart, and affecting positive change in the world. Today, in honor of the upcoming Tony Awards, allow Phoebe Robinson and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Lauren Adams to break down the qualities that make Lin-Manual Miranda a truly woke bae. Since the video focuses on Mr. Miranda, a rap is, of course, involved.
The two comedians and woke-bae enthusiasts explain Miranda is a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient (very bae). And his mega-hit Hamilton puts people of color and strong female characters center stage (super woke). Plus, he has great hair.
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Woke Bae VideoReleased on June 8, 2016