The Most Shocking 2016 Hair Trend: Giving A Shit

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Looking artfully disheveled has become an obsession in the beauty world. We pay good money to have our hair color appear grown out, strive to create styles that look like bedhead, and like our makeup ever-so-slightly imperfect. How delightful it is to receive a hair compliment, then casually reply with, "Oh, these textured waves? I slept on them."

It's safe to say that looking like you don't give a shit has become a trend. So much so, one could argue that the most provocative beauty statement you could make right now is to show up without a hair out of place. This may be why many of the spring 2016 runway shows featured just that: the return of "done" hair.

Hairstylists at DVF, Balmain x H&M, Victoria Beckham, and more sent models down the runway with hair that looked like it took time, effort, skill, and a range of products to achieve. Could this be the end of gym hair as we know it? Click through for the mounting evidence.
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Shiny, Sleek & Straight At Victoria Beckham
Done hair need not be perfectly curled, as demonstrated on Posh's runway. Not a single strand was out of place, thanks to hairstylist Guido Palau: He straightened the models' hair, then wrapped it into tight buns, which gave it movement and helped combat frizz. Right before showtime, he released the pins and voilà: polished locks.
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Over-The-Top Volume At Balmain X H&M
Affordable More affordable Balmain wasn't the only thing to come out of the collab that rocked the fashion world this year. Models at Balmain x H&M's show wore big, side-parted curls that screamed "rich-girl hair." Cop the look using this how-to, then finish with a heavy application of volume spray.
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The Return Of Pin Curls At Diane Von Furstenberg
The hair at DVF was modeled on a '70s photo of von Furstenberg herself that showed a rare occasion when she let her curls go free. The secret to copping the look? Pin curls. Hairstylist Orlando Pita curled small sections of the models' locks with a 3/4-inch iron, pinned them to the scalp, and allowed them to cool. This technique works on any texture, from straight to curly, as it helps to both create and define pristine ringlets.
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Old Hollywood Waves At Michael Costello
The Veronica Lake wave is back, according to models at Michael Costello. Break out your curling iron and a boar-bristle brush, and follow this tutorial for guidance on pulling it off.
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Chic, Deep Waves At Carolina Herrera
Orlando Pita, working for Tresemmé, created the waves at Carolina Herrera's show by using a curling iron in a unique way. Working on 2-inch sections of hair, he pressed a hot 1.5-inch iron against the hair to create a deep dent, or groove, then repeated on the other side, alternating down the length.
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Photo: Matteo Scarpellini/IMAXTree.
Soft, But Defined Curls At Erin Fetherston
Models at Erin Fetherston's show got soft curls thanks to the same technique used at DVF, with a larger barrel curling iron. Pro tips: Blow out your hair, then curl 2-inch sections with a 1.5-inch iron. Loosely pin the hair at ear level to keep the top straight. Keep the curls going backwards, and don't brush.
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High-Shine Waves At Anna Sui
Anna Sui's models had glossy waves that were polished, but not precious. Create or define waves on the bottom half of your hair, then set with a generous helping of high-shine hairspray or glossing spray.
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