18 Things You Need To Do This Halloween (With Your Phone)

You've been catching up on your not-so-horrible horror flicks and planning this year's epic (or last-minute) Halloween get-up, but you're still looking for something more to get into the Halloween spirit. This year, there's a ton you can do to start making things spooky, even if you're just sitting at your office desk.

Turns out, a number of your favorite apps and websites are offering features you can't miss if you want to make the most out of All Hallows Eve. For example, you can share customized, Halloween-inspired GIFs with friends and family. (The perfect thing to liven up a mostly dead texting thread.) Or, you can check out first-person views of haunted spots around the globe. You can also figure out what drink pairs best with that box of Milk Duds that somehow ended up at your desk instead of in the candy bowl (we're not judging). And don't forget to ask Siri what you should be for Halloween — she's got some things to say about it.

Read on to find out the eighteen things you need to check out for a spooktacular Halloween — from your phone. Warning: We are not responsible for any frightening feelings or sugar-induced comas that come of this.

This article originally published October 30, 2015.