Twinning & Losing: The Best & Worst Of Actors Playing Their Own Twins

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Tom Hardy has clearly never met a challenging role he didn't want to face head on, and this week we'll see how he does tackling two of them at once. He's playing '60s British gangster twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray in Legend. Since the silent movie days of Lon Chaney, actors have been fooling us into thinking they have an uncanny double in real life.

It's a shtick that can either wow us with an actor's versatility and an array of special effects — or, it can make us groan. Who else needed to be convinced as a kid that The Parent Trap (either the Hayley Mills or the Lindsay Lohan version) did not, in fact, star twins? How many of us have wondered what ever happened to Armie Hammer's brother? And how often during Orphan Black do we simply forget that Tatiana Maslany has no clones?

Yet, just as often, twin roles can mean double trouble. Plots revolving around squabbling identical siblings can feel tired. And, yeah, no one needs to see Adam Sandler play his "sister," ever. Here are just some examples of the good and evil of the twin device.