13 Times Serena Van Der Woodsen Was The Ultimate NYC It Girl

Photo: Charles Sykes/REX USA.
Let's face it: If you were a Gossip Girl fan, you were either Team Blair or Team Serena. And while Ms. Waldorf may have catered to our inner prepster, Serena van der Woodsen played to our wild-child side. She was the free spirit of the Upper East Side, the It Girl who made her fair share of mistakes and still somehow managed to come out on top — voluminous blonde locks and a so sweet (in the beginning, at least) Brooklyn boyfriend to boot.

Sure, the girls of Constance Billard may have been off the air for nearly three years now, but what better way to celebrate Blake Lively's 28th birthday than by honoring the coolest girl she played on-screen? They may not be anything alike, but the too-cool-for-school teen heroine did teach us tons about life in the big city — and what it means to be the talk of the town, even at the ripe old age of 17.

Looking to relive Serena van der Woodsen's glory days? Click ahead for 13 reminders that she was, and will always be, the New Yorker you know you love. XOXO.
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New York is not a town for picky eaters.
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Forget love. There are more important "L"s in an Upper East Sider's life.
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You can always escape from the city by digging your nose into a good book. #DoNotDisturb.
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Forget retail therapy at Barneys. Sometimes, the only way to drown your sorrows is to drown them out.
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From one too many taxi rides to too-expensive dinners out, we've all made mistakes we'd rather forget.
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It's okay to admit you wish dating in New York were a little more like When Harry Met Sally.
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Society events can be brutal. Always find a best friend who doubles as a bodyguard.
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Just a dose of that infamous New York bluntness.
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Because the concrete jungle can get a little overwhelming.
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This is where the FOGO trend started.
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Real New Yorkers know: A slap in the face usually gets the point across.
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You're never too old for slumber parties, especially when your bedroom has a flawless view of the park.
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Even through all its faults and complications, there really is no greater place on earth.