8 Things You Need To Know This AM

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This Is NOT A Drill: Whole Foods has a one-day deal on ALL of its cheese, today only.

January 20 is National Cheese Lover's Day. And to celebrate, Whole Foods is offering customers a special deal. On January 20 only, Whole Foods will be offering a 20% off deal on all of its organic cheeses. Seriously, ALL of them. (Read More)
Big Names: Steve Harvey says he received death threats after the Miss Universe flub.

In a new interview with the Today show's Natalie Morales, Steve Harvey and Ariadna Gutierrez revealed further details about the fallout from Harvey's big Miss Universe flub. The most shocking revelation was that, according to Morales, Harvey reported receiving, not only angry messages, but death threats on social media. (Read More)
World News: ISIS is reportedly holding up to 3,500 women and children as slaves.

A new report from the United Nations suggests an estimated 3,500 people — mostly women and children — are being held as slaves within territories currently occupied by the Islamic State group. The U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq and the U.N. human rights office report found that the terrorist group impose their regime with punishment of gruesome public executions. (Read More)
Here At Home: Caitlyn Jenner is writing a memoir about her transition.

The I Am Cait star is reuniting with journalist Buzz Bissinger, who interviewed her for her famous Vanity Fair cover story, to publish a memoir about her transition, The New York Times reports. Grand Central Publishing will put out the book. (Read More)
Major News: McDonald's is drizzling its fries in chocolate sauce.

French fries are the kind of glorious bits of crunchy starch that don't really need to be improved upon. But that doesn't stop the casual foodie from dipping fries in milk shakes. How else can you achieve that mix of salty and sweet? Now, McDonald's is making that flavor pairing even easier to get with McChoco Potatoes. (Read More)
Pro-Tip: It turns out dry shampoo can actually ruin your hair.

Many experts are coming out with facts and arguments that may make you rethink your dry-shampoo addiction. Why? It turns out that the cult product can temporarily dull your hair color, cause undesirable buildup, and even affect your scalp health when used in excess. (Read More)
ICYMI: Watch acrobats dance to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" — on hoverboards.

Something about “Sorry” seems to attract large groups of people to do coordinated dances. Now, YouTubers Kailey and Kelianne have upped the ante by adding hoverboards. The dance troupe performs handstands, trust falls, and other amazing feats, all the while on boards. (Read More)
Not An Onion Story: Woman asks firefighters to free her from chastity belt after she forgets the combination.

A woman in Padua, Italy walked into a fire station and informed firefighters that she'd forgotten the combination to open a padlock. Her request for help cracking it open only became unusual when she showed them that the lock in question was on her chastity belt. (Read More)

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