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12 Pairs Of Shorts Worthy Of A Curvy Girl

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    Everyone has their kryptonite: Superman had...well, kryptonite; Achilles, his heel; and for me, it's shorts.

    I remember standing on the field during camp on a particularly sticky August day. Everyone around me was dressed in the ubiquitous uniform of shorts and a tank top, but I stood there in my dark-wash jeans, drenched in sweat, swearing that I was perfectly comfortable. Thanks to some harsh body-bashing brainwashing I had experienced over the years, I felt that my chubby legs were something to be ashamed of, something to keep covered up.

    I carried those body issues with me into adulthood, until one day I realized: Screw it. I refuse to allow my hang-ups to prevent me from wearing what I want, what suits the weather, and especially those pieces that are generally awesome. Now, I do that without fear of showing off my stems — thick thighs, cellulite, and all.

    So, whether you’re like me and just beginning your leg love affair, or you’ve never even so much as shied away from a stringy pair of cutoffs, I rounded up a list of versatile, on-trend shorts that will let you display as much as you're ready to.

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