Olivia Palermo's Ridiculously Simple Between-Seasons Styling Trick

Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images.
As much as we love street style, the greatest fashion looks spotted beyond the runway are rarely weather-appropriate, even in the freezing cold (the well-heated cars awaiting these subjects hardly ever make it into the shot). It's time for us all — yes, even the driver-less! — to take a breather from outerwear, since winter's worst is behind us, and flex those transitional-dressing muscles once again. In case you're a little rusty, Olivia Palermo's recent ensembles during fashion month prove that, sometimes, the best solution to tricky dressing scenarios is the most obvious one — Layering 101.

The segue from winter to spring is filled with too-warm-for-coats, too-chily-for-bare-arms days, which can be remedied by this first move in our playbook: the Strong Arm. Basically, it means wearing a formfitting, warming base layer underneath an #OOTD, with the long sleeves peeking out from under our jackets.

This was Palermo's go-to styling move in Paris. The street-style star rolled up the sleeves of her spring outerwear, which creates a cropped look that doesn't leave her wishing for a heavy-duty coat (or us wishing that she was more bundled-up). Aside from being a good look, it's simple and can be recreated with things already hanging in our closets — our favorite kind of styling trick. Ahead, see how Palermo kept it cool, not cold, in Paris. (Plus, check out 30 more of Palermo's brilliant style moments, right here.)