The Magical Women On Instagram You Really Should Be Following

Photo: Courtesy of Half Hippy.
There's nothing like an inspiring, well-cultivated Instagram feed. That means finding and following your favorite favorite body image bloggers, CrossFit stars and bodybuilders, and — if you're anything like us — spiritual influencers. (Believe it or not, scrolling past a warning about the upcoming retrograde can be immensely helpful.)
Of course, there are so many fantastic spiritual bloggers out there to follow that it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the best — and their areas of expertise cover the spiritual spectrum. From astrologers to herbalists, there's an account here that fits the needs of your feed.
Ahead, get to know our favorite magical women of Instagram. Did we overlook your favorite Insta witch? Share their link in the comments.
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Photo: Courtesy of @brujatip.
Bruja Tip (@brujatip)

Berenice Dimas, an herbalist and healer, uses this Instagram account as a way to flex her creative writing muscles — and she has a profound way with words. Dimas' simple text posts encourage reflection and action, calling on us to care for ourselves and to incite positive, magical changes.

Follow if you're looking for to-the-point prompts and messages (in both English and Spanish) to guide your meditations.
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Photo: Courtesy of @blackandthemoon.
Black And The Moon (@blackandthemoon)

Claire Goodchild's art draws major inspiration from astrology and tarot — her designs (including her stunning Arcana deck) feature prominently in her Instagram posts, along with various crystals and books that happen to be driving her work at that time.

Follow if you've always been interested in astrology and tarot but couldn't find a way to blend the two.
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Photo: Courtesy of @oyatheoracle 
Oya The Oracle (@oyatheoracle)

This Atlanta-based witch specializes in planetary and practical magic, and is the owner and operator of the Shrine of 9 cosmetics line.

Follow if you like your chaos magic with a side of self-care.
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Photo: Courtesy of @the_wild_unknown.
The Wild Unknown (@the_wild_unknown)

Artist Kim Krans' stunning tarot and animal card decks are the stars of this account, although she posts other forms of art, too, such as astrological watercolors and line drawings of animals.

Follow if you want to experience a whole new take on tarot.
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Photo: Courtesy of @nyxturna.
Nyxturna (@nyxturna)

Fay Nowitz treats her art like a magical ritual, creating pins and prints with an occult edge. Her posts often feature her work, along with photos of herself, models, and her spooky travels.

Follow if your feed could use a little darkness.
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Photo: Courtesy of @chaninicholas.
Chani Nicholas (@chaninicholas)

Feminist astrologer Chani Nicholas deals out practical, actionable advice with a keen awareness of current events.

Follow if you read the news as diligently as you read your horoscope.
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Photo: Courtesy of @halfhippylife.
Half Hippy (@halfhippylife)

Marian Miranda and Upahar Rana founded Half Hippy in order to share their natural, eco-conscious lifestyle with others. They encourage their followers to live a balanced life where yoga, pizza, and potions can coexist.

Follow if you're too busy for words and need to feel more grounded while scrolling through your feed.
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Photo: Courtesy of @money.witch.
Money Witch (@money.witch)

Jessie Susannah is an intuitive financial coach who explores the emotional side of dealing with money. She believes methods of spiritual healing can extend to how people use and view their money.

Follow if you need a chance to meditate on where your cash is going.
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Photo: Courtesy of @annabelgat.
Annabel Gat (@annabelgat)

As Broadly's resident astrologer and occult bookshop Catland's first-ever resident reader, Annabel Gat has major spiritual chops. Her advice is helpful and comes with plenty of detail.

Follow if you're looking for astrological deep cuts.
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Photo: Courtesy of @sister_spinster.
Sister Spinster (@sister_spinster)

Herbalist Liz Migliorelli's work centers around making herbal healing and magic more accessible. Her posts highlight her community work as well as the herbal wonders she cultivates on her own (or encounters in the wild).

Follow if you believe in the magic of the great outdoors.
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Photo: Courtesy of @thehoodwitch.
The Hood Witch (@thehoodwitch)

Bri Luna, also known as the Hood Witch, was inspired to follow a mystical path by the women she grew up around. Now, her site sells an array of spiritual items, from crystals to tarot cards to sage, and provides a platform for other spiritual influencers.

Follow if you want a one-stop shop for spiritual tips, astrology memes, and some serious nail inspo.