8 Fragrances That Are Basically Spring In A Bottle

If you pull out your open-toed sandals before the weatherman can even finish saying "70 degrees and sunn..." then you're likely the first to swap out your beauty products at the first sign of spring, too. Maybe you replace your liquid foundation with tinted sunscreen, or opt for a light blush over a full face of contour. And it's likely time that you air out your fragrance cabinet as well — stowing away your "warm vanillas" and "spicy pumpkins" until the next time Starbucks switches out its cups.
That's where fresh, green fragrances come into play. They're not overly sweet like gourmand scents, nor spicy like many of the woodier, headier options out there. In fact, their light and airy nature makes them the perfect welcome to warmer weather. Check out our favorites ahead
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This fragrance smells like walking though a field of grass on a sunny (but not too sunny day) — fresh and earthy with a touch of sweetness.
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Looking for a literal interpretation of freshly cut grass? This is your ticket — and it will only set you back $15. Bonus? You can easily layer it with other fragrances to create your own custom scent.
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This perfume was inspired by the west coast of Ireland (often referred to as "the bitter end"), and has notes of wild grass, mint, fig, and thyme.
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This scent has notes of bitter orange, cardamom, basilic clover absolute, violet leaves, Tunisian neroli, patchouli moss, and musk. In other words, it's an earthy blend that's light enough for warm weather, but just spicy enough to be sexy.
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Thanks to a luscious combination of sandalwood, cedar, petitgrain, and bamboo, this fragrance is reminiscent of walking through the woods on a day that calls for nothing heavier than a cardigan.
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Although this fragrance doesn't have any overtly grassy notes, the blend of green tea and bigarade (bitter orange) makes for a super-refreshing scent.
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Don't be fooled by the name — this scent is far from fresh laundry. Instead, expect rose accords, lemons, and oranges, warm amber and vanilla, tropical coconut water, and ylang ylang.
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Gwyneth Paltrow's second fragrance is described as smelling like "cool air, pale sun, and new life unfurling on the forest floor," and claims to have healing properties that go far beyond just making you smell good. We don't know about the second part, but we are certainly on board with the heady scent.

Goop Eau de Parfum: Edition 02 - Shiso, $165, available at Goop.
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Light and dark. Feminine and intoxicating. Good Girl is the spring fragrance for the duality in you.

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